The West Alabama Heritage Learning Center, located at 911 Main Avenue in downtown Northport, Alabama, is a facility that houses a large collection of historical and genealogical records. They are available to the public free of charge. The documents contain information about West Alabama, its people, places and events from the years the first pioneers settled in Tuscaloosa County, beginning circa 1815 and continuing until the twenty-first century.

What can I do at the Learning Center?

  • First, one may research the history of the men and women who make up the ancestry of today’s Alabamians, starting with the North American Indians. Beginning circa 1815, sturdy pioneers began making their way into West Alabama. Among other documents, WAHLC has thousands of personal letters, diaries, news articles, photographs, genealogy records, Bible records, federal censuses, tax records and other documents that tell the story of this area from the time the first settlers arrived until the present day.
  • Second, one may research past events that occurred in West Alabama and throughout the South. The Learning Center has a large collection of newspaper articles, history related journals, letters, diaries, local club minutes and other documents that tell the stories of floods, fires, river tragedies, public elections, local businesses, crimes, weddings, funerals and other topics.

Some documents will be available to researchers for firsthand examination. Deterioration of other documents will prevent firsthand examination. In those instances and if the physical condition of the document allows, WAHLC personnel will be available to make copies for researchers for a reasonable charge per page. In-house WAHLC computers will be available to researchers at no charge.

The West Alabama Heritage Learning Center (WAHLC), 911 Main Avenue, Northport, Alabama, 35476  is owned and governed by The Shirley Place Foundation, Inc., a tax-exempt 501 C3 organization.