Books on Antiques

The following books about antiques are located on shelves eight through eleven of the bookshelves in the library room. Each book is listed by title, author, and date of publication.

  1. Encyclopedia of Victorian Colored Pattern Glass Book 9 Cranberry Opalescent from A to Z; William Heacock and William Gamble; 1987.
  2. The Collectors Encyclopedia of American Dinnerware; Jo Cunningham; 1982.
  3. the Collectors Encyclopedia of Flow Blue China; Mary Frank Gaston; 1983.
  4. Currier’s Price Guide to American Artists at Auction, sixth edition; William T. Currier. Currier; 1994.
  5. Antique Trader Books 1994 Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide; Kyle Husfloen.
  6. Antique Trader Books 1995 Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide (two copies); Kyle Husfloen.
  7. Price Guide to American Cut Glass; Dorothy Daniel; 1967.
  8. Check Points on how to buy Oriental Rugs; Charles W. Jacobsen; 1969.
  9. Collecting Victorian Staffordshire Pottery Figures; Kenyon Charles Kies; 1989.
  10. The Books of English China; Geoffrey Wills; 1964.
  11. Ruby Glass of the 20th Century; Naomi L. Orr; 1990.
  12. Collector’s Guide to Country Stoneware & Pottery. Second Series; Don and Carol Raycraft; 1990.
  13. Collecting Georgian Glass; Ward Lloyd; 1971.
  14. Moser-Artistry in Glass 1857-1938; Gary Baldwin & Lee Carno; 1988.
  15. Yellow-Green Vaselinei, A Guide to the Magic Glass; Jay L. Glickman; 1991.
  16. Blue & White China, Origins/Western Influences; Rosalind Fischell; 1987.
  17. Fenton Glass, The First Twenty-five Years; William Heacock; 1978.
  18. America’s Glorious Quilts; Dennis Duke and Deborah Harding; 1987.
  19. Oriental Blue & White; Sir. Harry Garner; 1964.
  20. The United Nations peace Rug; Catherine and Charles Lawrence Crenshaw; 1975.
  21. Knovels on Antiques and Collectibles, the newsletter for collectors, dealers, and investors. Multiple issues of these newsletters are filed on shelf seven.
  22. Knovels’ American Art Pottery; Ralph and Terry Kovel; 1993.
  23. Paintings, Prints, and Profits, the Art-finder’s Handbook; William T. Currier; 1992.
  24. Glass Collector’s Digest; D. Thomas O’Connor; date not given.
  25. Alabama Craftpersons; Henry Willett, 1978.
  26. Pottery and Porcelain Volume II; Warren E. Cox; 1946.
  27. Blue & White Stoneware: Kathryn McNerney; date of publication not given.
  28. The Looking Glass in America 1700-1825: Helen Comstock; 1964.
  29. Handbook of Old Pottery and Porcelain Marks; C. Jordan Thorn; 1947.
  30. English Blue & White Porcelain of the 18th Century; Bernard Watney; 1964.
  31. Vintage Clothing 1880-1960; Maryanne Dolan; 1987.
  32. An Illustrated Dictionary of Glass; Harold Newman; 1977.
  33. Glass Collector’s Digest (17 issues from 1993-1995):
  34. Home Fashion Winter Sale from John Curry Furniture Company; date not given.
  35. Antique Trader’s Collector Magazine; 1994.
  36. The Antique Price Guide to Antiques Magazine; Fall 1981.
  37. Rescue of a Landmark, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House; Marjorie L. Quinlan; 1990.
  38. English Silver; Oliver Chadick; 1976.
  39. Dictionary of Marks—Pottery and Porcelain; Ralph M. and Terry H. Kovel; 1953.
  40. Floor Coverings for Historic Buildings; Helene Von Rosenstiel and Gail Caskey Winkler; 1988.
  41. Alice and the Story of Wexford Lodge; Terrence J. Winschel; 1993.
  42. Parlez-Vous Antiques?; Doris C. Wilson; 1969.
  43. The Book of English Furniture; Edward T. Joy; 1964.
  44. Identifying American Furniture, A Pictorial Guide to Styles and Terms, Colonial to Contemporary; Milo M Naeve; 1981.
  45. Wanted to Buy, 2nd Edition; published by Collector Books; 1989.
  46. Currier’s Price Guide to American Artists 1645-1945 at Auction, fifth edition; William T. Currier; 1991.
  47. Currier’s Price Guide to European Artists at Auction, third edition; William T. Currier; 1991.
  48. Currier’s Price Guide to American Artists 1545-1945 at Auction; William T. Currier; 1991.
  49. C. A. 1900, catalog number nine; date not given.
  50. The Magazine Antiques, October and November 1982.
  51. Antique Collecting for Everyone; Katharine Morrison McClinton; 1951.
  52. Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price List; 1992.
  53. Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price List; 1993.
  54. Vieux Livres D’Europe Inc. Rare Books Catalog From 1525-1923.
  55. Classical Taste in America 1800-1840; Wendy A. Cooper; 1994.
  56. Southern Antiques; Paul Burroughs; 1931.
  57. English Furniture Styles 1500-1830; Ralph Fastnedge; 1964.
  58. Schroeder’s Antiques Price Guide, eighth edition; 1990.
  59. The Antiques Book; Alice Winchester; 1950.
  60. Antiques Illustrated & Priced; Norman Hudson; 1978.
  61. Southern Antiques Folk Art; Robert Morton; 1976.
  62. The American Heritage History of Colonial Antiques; Marshall B. Davidson; 1967.
  63. The American Heritage History of Antiques from the Civil War to World War 1; Richard M. Ketchum; 1969.
  64. Check Points on How to buy Oriental Rugs; Charles W. Jacobsen; date not given.
  65. The ABC’s of Victorian Antiques; Dan D’Imperio; 1974.
  66. Recreating the Historic House Interior; William Seale; 1979.
  67. Antiques, How to identify and Collect Them; Donald P. Cowie; 1970.
  68. Treasure at Home; John Mebane; 1964.
  69. The Encyclopedia of Decorative Arts 1890-1940; Philippe Garner; 1978.
  70. How to Know French Antiques; Ruth T. Costantino; 1961.
  71. Furniture Treasury, Two Volumes in One, Unabridged with 50000 Illustrations; Wallace Nutting; 1961.
  72. The Shorter Dictionary of English Furniture; Ralph Edwards; 1964.
  73. Discovering Antiques, The Story of World Antiques, Volumes 1-20; Martin M. Pegler; 1966.
  74. The Chair, Its Origins, Design and Social History; John Gloag; 1964.
  75. A Directory of Antique Furniture; F. Lewis Hinckley; 1953.
  76. Living With Antiques; Alice Winchester; 1963.
  77. A Directory of Antique Furniture; F. Lewis Hinckley; 1953.
  78. Kittinger, Casegoods and Upholstered Furniture, Price List and Specification Book; the Kittinger Company; 1989.
  79. Illustrated Guide to Shaker Furniture; Robert F. W. Meader; 1972.
  80. Heirloom Furniture; Franklin H. Gottshall; 1957.
  81. Country Furniture of Early America; H. Lionel Williams; 1963.
  82. American Antique Furniture, Volume One; Edgar G. Miller; 1937.
  83. American Antique Furniture, Volume Two; Edgar G. Miller, Jr.; 1937.
  84. Warman’s 8th Antiques and Their Current Prices; Edwin G. Warman; 1965.
  85. The Care of Antiques; John Fitzmaurice Mills; 1964.
  86. The Golden Guide to American Antiques; Ann Kilborn Cole; 1967.
  87. How to Be Successful in the Antique Business; Ronald S. Barlow; 1980.
  88. Official Price Guide to Lunch Box Collectibles; Scott Bruce;1989.
  89. The Complete Guide to Furniture Styles; Louise Ade Boger; 1959.
  90. Furniture Treasury; Wallace Nutting; 1928.
  91. How to Sell Your Collectibles, Antiques & Crafts at a Profit, An Expert’s Advice; Marguerite Ashworth; 1977.
  92. How to Recognize and Refinish Antiques for Pleasure and Profit; Jacquelyn Peake; 1984.
  93. The New Antiques, Knowing and Buying Victorian Furniture; George Grotz; 1964.
  94. Adam and Hepplewhite and other Neo-Classical Furniture; Clifford Musgrave; 1966.