Alabama History

The following books about Alabama history are located on the first five bookshelves in the library room. Each book is listed by title, author, and date of publication. NOTE: In addition to books, a collection of Alabama Review, Alabama Heritage, and Alabama Records (a collection that dates to 1821 and includes genealogy informaion) is located in this section.

  1. History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography Vol. I; Thomas McAdory Owen and Milo B. Howard, Jr.; 1978.
  2. History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography Vol. II; Thomas McAdory Owen and Milo B. Howard, Jr.; 1978.
  3. History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography Vol. III; Thomas McAdory Owen and Milo B. Howard, Jr.; 1978.
  4. History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography Vol. II; Thomas McAdory Owen and Milo B. Howard, Jr.; 1978.
  5. Historic Mobile, An Illustrated Guide; Junior League of Mobile; 1974.
  6. A Check List of Alabama Imprints 1807-1870; Rhoda Coleman Ellison; 1946.
  7. The Harnessing of the Black Warrior River; Kenneth D. Willis; 1989 (two copies).
  8. Rivers of Alabama; illustrator Jack B. Hood; art editor E. L. Klein; 1968.
  9. The Story of Coal and Iron in Alabama; Ethel Armes; 1972.
  10. Amelia Gayle Gorgas, a Biography; Mary Tabb Johnson with Elizabeth Johnson Lipscomb; 1978.
  11. Alabama Governors (starting with Ferdinand DeSoto 1540-1542); Senators, and Justices of the Supreme Court; multiple authors; date of publication not given.
  12. Twenty Alabama Books; Rucker Agee; 1975.
  13. Echoes from Turkey Creek in Jefferson County, Bull Frog Bend; Eugenia Thompson Akin; 1978.
  14. True Tales of Birmingham; Birmingham Historical Society; 1992.
  15. Publications of the Alabama Historical Society, Tran-actions 1899-1903; 1904.
  16. Memorial Record of Alabama, Volume I; 1893, reprint 1976.
  17. Memorial Record of Alabama, Volume II;1893, reprint 1976.
  18. Three Capitals—St. Stephens, Huntsville, and Cahawba—1818-1826); William H. Brantley, Jr.; 1947.
  19. The Image of Progress, Alabama Photographs, 1872-1917; Melton A. McLaurin and Micheal V. Thomason; 1980.
  20. The History of St. Clair County; Mattie Lou Teague Crow; 1973.
  21. The Annals of Northwest Alabama Volume II; Carl Elliott; 1965.
  22. The Annals of Northwest Alabama, including a History of Pickens County; Carol Elliott; 1965.
  23. The Annals of Northwest Alabama, Volume III; Carl Elliott; 1965.
  24. Early Settlers of Alabama; Colonel James Edmonds Saunders; 1961.
  25. Historic Alabama Hotels and Resorts; James F. Sulzby, Jr.; 1960.
  26. The Alabama Story; Robert J. Norrell; 1933.
  27. The Governors of Alabama; John Craig Stewart; 1975.
  28. Birmingham Bound, An Atlas of the South’s Premier Industrial Region, 1850-Present; Birmingham Historical Society; 1994.
  29. Our First 100 Years; the Birmingham News; 1988.
  30. Sesquicentennial (1819-1969) Fayette County Broadcaster; (two copies).
  31. Looking Back (1824-1974) Fayette County, Alabama; The Fayette County Historical Society; 1974.
  32. Index to Fayette Courthouse 1822-1969; Edith Jackson Hankins; 1971.
  33. 150 Yesteryears, Fayette County, Alabama; The Fayette County Historical Society; 1971.
  34. Alabama Ante-Bellum Architecture; A Scrapbook View from the 1930s (two copies); E. Walter and Varian Burkhardt; 1976.
  35. Jefferson County and Birmingham Alabama Historical and Biographical 1887; John Witherspoon Du Bose; 1887.
  36. The Bessemer Weekly, Special Illustrated Edition; 1901.
  37. Henderson Steel, Birmingham’s First Steel; Bernice Shield Hassinger; 1971.
  38. Bessemer, Yesterday and Today 1887-1888; Marilyn Davis Barefield; 1986.
  39. Profiles of Alabama Pharmacy; Alabama Pharmaceutical Association; 1974.
  40. The Journal of the Birmingham Historical Society; 1987.
  41. Yesterday’s Birmingham; Malcolm C. McMillan; 1975.
  42. Alabama Folk Houses; Eugene M. Wilson; 1975.
  43. Alabama: Portrait of a State: Victor B. Haagen; 1968.
  44. A Weekly Planner, Community Directory for the City of Gordo; date not given.
  45. Pickens County, Alabama 1841-1861mMarilyn Davis Barefield and Carr Bryon Barefield; 1984.
  46. The History of Pickens County, Alabama 1540-1921; James F. Clanahan; 1964.
  47. Eutaw, The Builders and Architecture of an Antebellum Southern Town; Clay Lancaster; 1979.
  48. Historic Hale County; Randall Curb; 1989.
  49. Hale County Alabama An Inventory of Significant and Historic Resources; Jeff Mansell; 1992.
  50. Alabama’s Tapestry of Historic Places; Alabama Historical Commission; 1978.
  51. Alabama Volume I Index; Albert Burton Moore (a comprehensive work); 1927.
  52. Bellingrath Gardens and Home; Fred Holder; 1974.
  53. Around the Spiral Staircase, Recipes and Lore From Each Alabama County From the Alabama Legislative Wives Club 1975-1979; Virginia Pounds Brown; 1977.
  54. The Heritage of Blount County; Blount County Historical Society; 1972.
  55. Alabama Portraits Prior to 1870; National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Alabama; 1969.
  56. Country Roads, A Journey Through Rustic Alabama; Carolynne Blackwell Scott; 1979.
  57. A New Beginning, The 1979 Gubernatorial Inauguration (Fob James); the Inaugural Committee; 1979.
  58. Logging Railroads of Alabama; Thomas Lawson, Jr.; 1996.
  59. The Story of Bluffton-Lanett Alabama; Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society; 1971.
  60. A Goodly Heritage, Memories of Greene County; Greene County Historical Society; 1977.
  61. Northern Alabama, Historical and Biographical Illustrated; T. A. DeLand and A. Davis Smithy (a comprehensive e work); 1888.
  62. Alabama Architecture, Looking at Building and Place; Alice Meriweather Bowsher and M. Lewis Kennedy, Jr.; 2001.
  63. Historic Architecture in Alabama, A Primer of Styles and Types, 1810-1930; Robert Gamble; 1990.
  64. The Alabama Catalog, Historic American Building Survey, A Guide to the Early Architecture of the State; Robert Gamble; 1987.
  65. Greek Revival Architecture in Alabama (two copies); The Alabama Historical Commission; 1968.
  66. Fruithurst, Alabama’s Vineyard Village; Virginia Voss Pope; 1971.
  67. The DeKalb Legend, Bicentennial Edition 1975-1976; Fort Payne Bicentennial Commission; 1976 (two copies).
  68. Sketches Prisoner of War Camp Aliceville; Liffz Hermann Kalbe and Uffz Hans Fanselow; date of publication not given.
  69. A History of Athens and Incidentally of Limestone County, Alabama 1825-1899; John Thomas Tanner1978.
  70. Central Alabama; Veterans Administration; date of publication not given.
  71. The Making of Modern Alabama; Robert J. Norrell; 1993.
  72. Antebellum Mansions of Alabama; Ralph Hammond; MCMLI
  73. Antebellum Mansions of Alabama; Edwin B. Lancaster; 1951.
  74. Historic Homes of Alabama and Their Traditions; members of National League of American Pen Women; 1935.
  75. Remembrances of Public Men in Alabama; William Garrett; 1872.
  76. Sketches of Alabama; Mary Gordon Duffers; 1970.
  77. Notable Men of Alabama Volume II; Joel C. DuBose; 1976.
  78. Historical Atlas of Alabama Volume 1 Historical Locations by County; W. Craig Remington and Thomas J. Kallsen; 1997.
  79. Winston: An Antebellum and Civil War History of a Hill County of North Alabama; Donald B. Dodd and Wynelle S. Dodd; 1972.
  80. Haysop,  A Church, A Community, a People of Haysop Creek, Bibb County, Alabama; Charles E. Boyd.
  81. Seeing Historic Alabama, Fifteen Guided Tours; Virginia Van der Veer Hamilton; 1972.
  82. Alabama, A History; Virginia der Veer Hamilton; 1977.
  83. Handbook of Alabama; Saffold Berney; 1975.
  84. Early Courthouses of Alabama Prior to 1860; Historical Activities Committee; 1966.
  85. Code of Alabama 1907; James J. Mayfield; 1907.
  86. Alabama: Her History, Resources, War Record, and Public Men From 1540-1872; W. Brewer; 1964.
  87. A Belle of the Fifties, Memoirs of Mrs. Clay of Alabama; Ada Sterling; 1969.
  88. Memories of Old Cahaba; Anna M. Gayle Fry; 1908.
  89. And to Y’all A Good Night, A Guide to Alabama’s Bed and Breakfasts; Lynn edge; 1992.
  90. History of Alabama, for use in schools; William Garrott Brown; 1900.
  91. The Best of Alabama, Attractions, Lodgings, Restaurants, and Events; Lee Sentell; 1993.
  92. Huntsville Directory, City Guide and Business Mirror 1859-60; Coltart & Son; 1859.
  93. Historic Tales of Talladega prior to the Twentieth Century; E. Grace Jemison; 1959.
  94. Historic Muscle Shoals, Buildings and Sites; Tennessee Valley Historical Society; 1983.
  95. A History of Madison County of North Alabama 1732-1840; Judge Thomas Jones Taylor; 1976.
  96. Proudest Inheritance, A Bicentennial Tribute of the Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society; William H. Davidson; 1975.
  97. Butler County in the Nineteenth Century; Marilyn Davis Hahn; 1978.
  98. One Hundred Fifty Years in Pike County Alabama 1821-1971; Margaret Pace Farmer; 1973.
  99. Journal of History, The West Jefferson Historical Society; five volumes 1988-1990.
  100. Alabama The State of Surprises; The Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel; date not given (during the administration of Governor Guy Hunt).
  101. A Guide to Rural Houses of Alabama; Eugene M. Wilson; 1975.
  102. Historical Atlas of Alabama; Donald B. Dodd; 1974.
  103. Reminiscences of Men and Things in Alabama; Sara Wells; 1983.
  104. The Formative Period in Alabama 1815-1828; Thomas Perkins Abernathy; 1965.
  105. Antebellum Alabama, Town and Country; Weymouth T. Jordan; 1957.
  106. History of Alabama 1540-1900, as recorded in diaries, letters, and other papers of the times; Lucille Griffith; 1962.
  107. A History of Randolph County; Eugenia Elizabeth Smith; 1938.
  108. History of Alabama (a comprehensive work); Albert James Pickett; 1878.
  109. Constitutional Development in Alabama, 1787-1901, A Study in Polices, the Negro, and Sectionalism; 1978.
  110. Southern Historian; editor… John Morgan Dederer; Spring1987.
  111. Alabama Review Publication; all issues April 1965-July 1996.
  112. Alabama Heritage Magazine; issues 1-37.
  113. Alabama Records:
  • Vol. 3: Tuscaloosa County from 1824—wills, orphans court records, deeds, marriages, notes and queries, tombstone inscriptions.
  • Vol. 5: Alabama newspapers: Alabama Republican 1820-1822; Huntsville Democrat 1824-1829;  Southern Advocate, Huntsville 1825-1827; Franklin Enquirer 1824; Tuscumbian 1824-1829; Tuscumbia Telegraph 1827-1828; Alabama Sentinel Tuscaloosa, 1826; Alabama State Intelligencer, Tuscaloosa 1829; Flag of the Union Tuscaloosa 1839-1842.
  • Vol. 6: Alabama newspapers (Madison County—The Huntsville Democrat, and Southern Advocate) Tuscaloosa County—Flag of the Union 1842).
  • Vol. 7: Tuscaloosa County dating from 1826 deeds, wills, Orphans Court, tombstone inscriptions.
  • Vol. 8: Tuscaloosa County dating from 1821—wills, orphans court records; marriages, notes on the following families (Hamner, Peter Martin, Collier, George Little) tombstone inscriptions.
  • Vol 9: Tuscaloosa County dating from 1822—wills; orphans court records; marriages, deeds, notes on the following families (Webster, Brown, James H. Devotie, Noble Leslie Devotie,  Landon Cabell Garland, Lampley); tombstone inscriptions.
  • Vol 11: Tuscaloosa County dating to 1822—wills, orphans court records, marriages, deeds, miscellaneous data on the following families (Frost, Chappell/Beal, Golightly-Eddins, Woffard/Trousdale, Hutchins, Talbot, Wilson/Haymond, Moon, Lewis, Lewis Bible records; tombstone inscriptions.,
  • Vol. 13: Tuscaloosa County wills, Orphans Court Records, marriages, deeds, miscellaneous notes: Owen family, Riggs, Holcombe, Rose-Rainey,  Garrett, Foster, Brown, Bell-Middleton, Collins, Chandler, Carlock, Holmes-Horton,  Harrison, Hausman-Hagler,  Harwood, Jones,  Johnston; tombstone inscriptions.
  • Vol. 16: Alabama newspapers, Tuscaloosa County (Flag of the Union, Democratic Gazette), Green County (Alabama Sentinel), Franklin County (Franklin Enquirer), Sumter County (Livingston Journal).
  • Vol. 25: Tuscaloosa County from 1823 marriages, deeds, Revolutionary War pensions, tombstone inscriptions.
  • Vol. 33: Revolutionary War pensions for James Henry, Charles Holland, Joseph Hardin, Reuben Jones, Samuel Mayfield, Randolph Newsom, Edward Rogers, John Robertson; orphan court records; tombstone inscriptions—Greenwood Cemetery, Catholic Churchyard, Johnson stones Pine Bluff, Ark, Gunn family cemetery, Hale Co.; miscellaneous data on the following families—Durrett-Arnold, Owen, Duffy, Inge, Meek, Hawn, Hamner, Howell-Sharp, Foster, Hogan, Burke, Ward/Landers, Snow/Forrester, Lampley/Shipman, Clements, Brown, Brumby, Pruitt Family, Hellums, Keith; register of graduates and students at University of Alabama starting 1831.
  • Vol. 41: Tuscaloosa civil records from 1847; orphans court records; wills, deeds, tombstone inscriptions—Burns family cemetery, tablet in Methodist church, Pratt family cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery; Houldridge/Hassell/Yerby families; Pruitt/Lee; earliest settlers of Tuscaloosa; law suits from Alabama reaching the Alabama Supreme Court; Winn family; Cannon; Guild; Pridmore; Childress/Phifer; Hargrove; Martin, Tuscaloosa newspapers.
  • Vol. 47: Tuscaloosa County newspapers from 1831, (Alabama State Intelligencer, 1831, Republican Banner 1870, Tuskaloosa Observer 1871, Northport Spectator 1971, Tuscaloosa Times, 1872; orphans court; deeds, tombstone inscriptions from the following cemeteries—Baptist cemetery at Peterson, Old Northport Cemetery; Robertson Cemetery; miscellaneous data on the following families—Beckwith/Craven, Kent-Skinner, Moseley, McGehee, Adams/Maverick.
  • Vol. 50: Bethel Baptist Church (church register dating to 1818).
  • Vol. 57: Tuscaloosa Court records from 1851, newspaper extracts, early lawsuits, miscellaneous.
  • Vol. 67: Tuscaloosa County Probate Court records, deeds, newspaper extracts, lawsuits, miscellaneous—dating from 1835.
  • Vol. 78: Tuscaloosa County deeds, tombstone inscriptions, law suits to the Alabama Supreme Court, Revolutionary War pensioners miscellaneous on the following families Yerby/Hassell, Eddins, Williams, Cochrane, Phelan, Banks, Frierson, Dent, Perkins, Mitchell, Martin, and Withers dating from 1836.
  • Vol. 79: Tuscaloosa County cemetery at Bucksville, deeds, Marion Tannehill bible record, Revolutionary War pensioners, Revolutionary War last payments of pensions, Probate Court minutes 1854-1858, miscellaneous.
  • Vol. 81: Tuscaloosa Orphans Court, Revolutionary pensions last payment; lawsuits to Alabama Supreme Court dating to 1843, miscellaneous.
  • Vol. 99: Tuscaloosa County orphans court records, deeds, tombstone inscriptions from the Darden Family cemetery, Rosser family Cemetery, Shakerag Methodist Church Cemetery, Mt. Zion Baptist Church Court, Ray Bible record, law suits to Alabama Supreme Court for 1852, miscellaneous records.
  • Vol. 109:Tuscaloosa County Orphans Court, marriages, deeds, miscellaneous—May, Bolton, Walker, Bolton, Walker, Baines,  Burgess, Dansby, Heard, Hubbert/Thornton, Meek, Johnson, Maddox, Tindall.
  • Vol. 142: Tuscaloosa County Orphans Court, deeds, cemetery records—Hamner (Macedonia church yard), Daughty Family Cemetery, Dunn’s Creek Baptist Church, Hopewell Baptist Church, church at Ralph; Bible records for Matthew Thomson, William Baughter Bible, Deweese record, Slaughter Bible; law suits to Alabama Supreme Court 1863-1871.
  • Vol. 168: Tuscaloosa County deeds, Bible records—Quarles Bible, Hardy Foster Cemetery, Elizabeth Foster Cemetery at Sylvan, Hargrove Cemetery, Cemetery near Sterling, Cemetery at Lake Lorraine, Stanley Cemetery near Sterling, Bethel Methodist Church, Cemetery at Nazareth Baptist Church, readings off one stone at Greenwood Cemetery; a list of the War of 1812 pensioners that includes Ninian Tannehill, Hollis C. Kidder, Alexander Pounds, James Christian, Jesse Cobb; miscellaneous data.
  • Volume 184: Tuscaloosa County Alabama State Intelligencer 1829-1830; Tuscaloosa Times 1875-1886; Tuscaloosa Independent Monitor 1870; Tuscaloosa Gazette 1878-1881; Tuscaloosa Clarion; Cemeteries—Big Creek. Shirley family, Sand Mountain, Frierson family, Piney Woods Baptist; Jones, Middleton.
  1. Cemetery Records of Marshall County, Alabama 1773-1968; Guntersville, Historical Society; 1978.
  2. For I Heard Them Say, An Alabama Odyssey; Barbara Ritch Jackson; 1998.
  3. Hale County 1996 Plat Directory; Hale County Conversation District; 1996.
  4. Rivers of History, Life on the Coosa, Tallapoosa, Cahaba, and Alabama; Harvey H. Jackson III; 1995.