The following books on the topic of architecture are found on shelves twelve and thirteen of the bookshelves in the library room. Each book is listed by title, author, and date of publication.

  1. The American Heritage History of Notable American Houses; Marshall B. Davidson and Margot P. Brill; 1971.
  2. Great Houses from the Pages of the Magazine Antiques; Constance M. Greiff; 1973.
  3. The Architectural Legacy of the Lower Chattahoochee Valley in Alabama and Georgia; George R. McGlaun, Jr.; 1978.
  4. Classical Architecture, A Comprehensive Handbook to the Tradition of Classical Style; Robert Adam and Derek Brentnall; 1948.
  5. Executive Mansions and Capitols of America; Jean Houston Daniel and P[rice Daniel; 1969.
  6. New Directions in Architectural & Engineering Practice; Howard Birnberg; 1992.
  7. Victorian Architecture; A. J. Bicknell & W. T. Comstock; 1976.
  8. Florida Architecture; E. Channing Trafford; 1964.
  9. A Pictorial History of Architecture in America, Volumes One and Two; G. E. Kidder Smith; 1976.
  10. A Gallery of American Weathervanes and Whirligigs; Robert Bishop & Patricia Coblentz; 1981.
  11. Wood Motifs in American Domestic Architecture; Ben Karp; 1966.
  12. Sticks and Stones, A Study of American Architecture and Civilization (two copies); Lewis Mumford; 1924.
  13. Greek Revival Architecture in Americas; Talbot Hamlin; 1944.
  14. An American Heritage Guide, Historic Houses of America; 1971.
  15. Walls and Molding, How to Care for Old and Historic Wood and Plaster (two copies); Natalie Shivers; 1990.
  16. What Style is it?; John C. Poppeliers, S. Allen Chambers, Nancy B. Schwartz; 1983.
  17. Architects Make Zigzags, Looking at Architecture from A to Z; Roxie Munro; date of publication not given.
  18. William Nichols, Architect; C. Ford Peatross; 1979.
  19. Architectural Digest—fourteen issues from 1997-1998.
  20. Historic Eufaula, A Treasury of Southern Architecture; Eufaula Heritage Association; 1972.
  21. With Heritage So Rich; Albert Rains; 1966.