Christianity and the Christian Church

The following books on the topic of Christianity and the Christian church are located on shelves fifteen through eighteen in the library room. Each book is listed by title, author, and date of publication.

  1. Harper Family Bible with family register dating to Joesph Shirley (1846-1927) and Sara Angeline Archibald Shirley (1856-1828).
  2. History of the First Methodist Church of Tuscaloosa Alabama 1818-1964; Dr. James Benson Sellers; 1968. Normal Outline Series, Outline of Church History; J F. Hurst; 1875.
  3. Everyone a Minister; Oscar E. Feucht; 1974.
  4. Good News by a Man Named John; American Bible Society; 1966.
  5. Keepers of the Faith, Alabama Historic Black Churches, a 1989 calendar.
  6. The United Methodist Hymnal, Large Type Edition; 1990.
  7. The United Methodist Hymnal; 1989.
  8. The Methodist Hymnal; 1964.
  9. Memorial Sketches of the lives and labors of the deceased ministers of the North Alabama Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church South1870-1912; W. T. Andrews; 1912.
  10. The Methodist Protestant Church Hymnal; 1902.
  11. Hymns for the Family of God; 1976.
  12. Nave’s Topical Bible, A Digest of the Holy Scriptures (two copies); Orville J. Nave; 1962.
  13. The Holy Bible; given to Mrs. A. J. Deason on her wedding date June 22, 1910.
  14. Bible Readings for the Home Church; date not given but the book is very old and fragile.
  15. Hymns of Praise Number Two; 1921
  16. Alabama Conference Methodist Protestant Church One Hundred and Seventh Session November 6-8, 1935 (the program for the meeting).
  17. History of the Rise and Progress of the Baptists in Alabama; Hosea Holcombe;  1840.
  18. First United Methodist Church,  Tuscaloosa, Alabama (pictorial directory).
  19. History of the First African Baptist Church Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1866-1986 (two copies); published 1986.
  20. History of the First Baptist Church Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1`818-1968; Luther Quentin Porch; 1968.
  21. First United Methodist Church, Tuscaloosa, Alabama Pictorial Directory; 1987.
  22. Brow of the Hill above the Warrior, History of Holt First Baptist Church, Holt, Alabama 1904-1974 (two copies); Nancy Blackman; 1976.
  23. First Baptist Church Northport; A. L. Pulliam; date of publication not given.
  24. History of Northport Churches (three copies); Bicentennial Commission; 1976.
  25. How Firm A Foundation, A History of the First Black Church in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama; Robert L. Glynn; 1976.
  26. History of Tuscaloosa County Baptist Association 1834-1934 (two copies); Henry B. Foster; 1934.
  27. History of the Tuscaloosa County Baptist Association, two decades and more 1953-1974; Carol T. Hatchel; 1989.
  28. First Baptist Church Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a pictorial; directory 1967-1968.
  29. Let US Keep the Feast, The History of Christ Episcopal Church, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1828-1998; Henry Walker; 2000.
  30. Aspiration, Birmingham’s Historic Houses of Worship; Birmingham Historical Society;  2000.
  31. Coker Baptist Church 175th Anniversary Celebration July 22, 1820-July 16, 1995; R. L. Guffin; 1995.
  32. Some Early Alabama Churches; The Alabama Society Daughters of he American Revolution; 1973.
  33. The Family Bible Encyclopedia, Volumes 1-21; 1972.
  34. Meticulous attention to authenticity—a video, two copies.
  35. Reaching the Unreached with the Word; a series of cassette tapes.
  36. The LIFE Book of Christmas, Volume one—The Glory of Christmas; the editors of LIFE; 1963.
  37. The LIFE Book of Christmas, Volume two—The Pageantry of Christmas; the editors of LIFE; 1963.
  38. The LIFE Book of Christmas, Volume three—The Merriment of Christmas; the editors of LIFE; 1963.
  39. The New Testament (pocket size with Marvin Harper’s name written inside).
  40. The Holy Bible (pocket size,).
  41. Hymns for Social Worship (pocket size, text is very old and easily torn); 1840.
  42. Doctrines and Discipline of The Methodist Church; 1948.
  43. Doctrines and Discipline of The Methodist Church; 1952.
  44. Doctrines and Discipline of The Methodist Church; 1960.
  45. The Devil upon Two Sticks (text is very old and easily torn); Diabl Boiteaux of M. Le Sage; 1827.
  46. A pocket size book with the first pages containing a title and author are missing. The text is very old and tied together with a string.
  47. Gospel Hymns, No. 1, 2 and 3 (four copies and all texts are very old and easily torn): 1879.
  48. Kindergarten Stories for the Sunday School and Home (test is very old and easily torn); Laura Ella Cragin; 1902.
  49. Why is Christianity True? E. Y. Mullins; 1905.
  50. The Methodist Meting House; Paul Neff Garber; 1941.
  51. Sermons of John Wesley (text is very old and easily torn); 1818.
  52. Minutes of the Eighty-first session of Alabama Conference Methodist Protestant Church; November 1909.
  53. Sermons of John Wesley (text is very old and easily torn) 1830.
  54. Ain’t God Good; Jerry Clower; 1975.
  55. History of the Organization of the Methodist Episcopal Church South (text is very old and easily torn); A. H. Redford; 1871.
  56. Common Book of Prayer (the title is not legible due to age); 1888?
  57. The Works of the Rev. Robert Hall; 1835.
  58. The First Legion, A Drama of the Society of Jesus; Emmet Lavery; 1935.
  59. The Works of Laurence Sterne—the life and opinions of Tristram Shandy –a sentimental journey through France and Italy, sermons and letters (the text is very old and fragile); 1818.
  60. Jesus Christ Solid Rock, The Return of Christ;  David Wilkerson; 1972.
  61. The Alabama Baptist Sesquicentennial Issue 1973.
  62. The New Testament (pocket size).
  63. If My People—a forty day prayer guide for our nation.
  64. Community The New Testament Church, The Essence of Fellowship; Adam Robinson; 2005.
  65. The Forbidden Book; Dr. Craig Lampe; 2003.