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1. City of Northport; September 1946; drawn by E. B. Thurston, supervised by E. L. Hendrix. The legend on the right side of the map lists the following surveys—Holgren Survey, Dyer and Dodson Survey, and Crooks Survey, along with 69 other notations giving ownership. The map is 40 by 36 inches in size.

2. City of Northport, circa 1919. drawn by M. H. Findley. The map is 36 by 36 inches in size. There are two copies: (1) freestanding; (2) attached to the back of map of Ownership Map prepared by State of Alabama Department of Revenue depicted in # 3 of this list.

3. Ownership map of Northport circa 1919 for the northeast quarter of Section 16 Township 21 South Range 10 West prepared by State of Alabama Department of Revenue AdValorem Division.

4. Tuscaloosa County highway map; 1980; prepared by State of Alabama Highway Department. The map is 36 by 22 inches in size.

5. The Pittsburg of the South, a map of Tuscaloosa, Newtown, and Northport in 1887. Map drafted by W. B. Osborn and J. C. Wright. The following is a list of Tuscaloosa City streets as shown on the map and in parenthesis the current name of the street is given. Note: current avenues were called streets: 4th Street was Pine Street; University Boulevard was Broad St; 6th Street was Cotton Street; 7th Street was Union Street; 8th Street was Pike Street; 9th Street was Lauderdale Street; 10th Street was Lawrence Street; 11th Street was Oak Street; 12th Street was Walnut Street; 13th Street was Locus Street; 14th Street was Chestnut Street; 15th Street was Crescent Street. The names of avenues is given: Greensboro Avenue was Jefferson Street; 23rd Avenue was Washington Street; 22nd Avenue was Market Street; 21st Avenue was Monroe Street; 20th Avenue was Madison Street; 19th Ave. was College Street; 18th Avenue was York Street; 17th Avenue was Bear Street; Queen City Avenue was so named at the time.

6. Greene and Hale County highway map 1983; prepared by State of Alabama Highway Department. The map is 28 by 28 inches in size.

7. Fayette County General Highway Map 1980.

8. Hale County General Highway Map 1986 (two copies).

9. Pickens County General Highway Map (? date).

10. Northport map 1889. Map gives names of downtown businesses. Inscription of Northport reads, “population 850, no stramers, no hand engs , no hose carts, water facilities none.” Town well in middle of intersection of Main Avenue and Columbus Street. Map is 26 by 21 inches.

11. Map of West Alabama area counties including: Lamar, Fayette, Pickens, Tuscaloosa, Greene, Hale and Bibb. Map is 16 by 19 inches.

12. Charleston, South Carolina 1872: “Bird’s eye view of the city.” Map is 20 by 16 inches.

13. Tuskaloosa, Ala perspective map (in color)1887: Tuscaloosa County Court House, marked A (at corner of Market and Cotton Streets and now home to six-story Austin Building); City Hall, marked B (corner of Market and Cotton Streets and now home to Bama Theater); Presbyterian Church, marked C (at corner of Market and Lauderdale Streets and at its current location; Methodist Church, marked D (at corner of Market and Pike Streets and at its current location; Baptist Church, marked E (at corner of Market and Pike Streets and at its current location; Episcopal Church, marked F (at corner of Cotton and Washington Streets and at its current location; Catholic Church, marked G (at corner of Market and Pike Streets and at its current location; colored churches, marked H (at corner of Market and Washington Streets; public school, marked I (at the corner of Lauderdale and Madison Streets); post office, marked K. Note there are three female schools: Alanzo Hill’ Female College identified as 8 at the east end of Cotton Street; Alabama Central Female College, identified as 14 at the west end of Broad Street. W. H. Verner, University and High School is at the east end of Lawrence Street.

14. City of Tuskaloosa plat of McCalla’s Street Center Survey of 1891. Map of “Original City Survey” of all lots located between Queen City Avenue (18th Avenue) and 32nd Avenue. Note: New Town’s eastern border was defined by 32nd Ave.

15. Map of Greater Tuscaloosa 1957 including Northport, Tuscaloosa, Southside, Alberta City, Holt. Map has photos of aerial view of University of Alabama, and photos of Bryce Hospital, Druid City Hospital, Veterans Hospital, and Stillman College.

16. Map of the Gulf Coast and the Lower Mississippi in 1748.

17. Map of Southern Provinces of the United States in 1817.

18. Tuscaloosa County Federal Court Reapportionment Plan. (date not identified).