Books regarding memoirs are found on shelve thirty-six.  Each book is listed by title, author, and date of publication.

  1. Letters from an American Farmer; J. Hector St. John; 1976.
  2. Woodward’s Reminiscences of the Creek, or Muscogee Indians contained in letters to fiends in Georgia and Alabama; Thomas. S. Woodward; 1859.
  3. Threads of Many Colors; Marie Roberts Christian; 1993.
  4. Letters From Alabama 1817-1822; Anne Newport Royall; 1969.
  5. Physician or Parson? One Man’s Search for the Answer; Hayse Boyd M.D.; 2002.
  6. Around The World With A Stiff Knee; Sue Spencer; 1993.
  7. More Creeks I Have Been Up, off the beaten path. ……… .Africa, Australia and Beyond (three copies); Sue Spencer; 1998.
  8. Bitten in the Outback, and other places in the Southern Hemisphere; Sue Spencer; 1979.
  9. African Creeks I Have Been Up, with a mining engineer and three male minors; Sue Spencer; 1963.
  10. Country Life, Gong Home Again, As A Farm Boy Remembers; Bura Hollingsworth; 1994.
  11. Pot Likker, Pulley Bones and Pea Vine Hay; Faye Brown; 1987.
  12. Children of Eve, the shocking story of American’s Homeless kids; Kevin Casey; 1991.
  13. Back From The Living Dead, The Infamous Death March and 33 Months In A Japanese Prison; Major Bert Bank; 1945.
  14. Alice Shirley and the story of Wexford Lodge; Terrence J. Winschel; 1993.
  15. “Round the World With Charlie (two copies); C. J. O’Connor; date of publication not given.
  16. Letters to Remember 1818-1918; Marguerite T. Callahan; 1986.
  17. An Alabama Scrapbook; Ellen Sullivan and Marie Stokes Jemison; 1988.
  18. Richland Memories; Innes Ellis Green and Gladys Diamond Lane; 2001.
  19. Yesterdays; Andrew A. Sullivan; 1974.
  20. Mother Was A Rebel; Helen F. Blackshear; 1973.
  21. Memoirs of John Little III; 1988.
  22. Only In America,  Opportunity Still Knocks; 1998 Horatio Alger Awards; 1998.
  23. The ‘Gol Durn Hoodlums, Tales of Shadydale; Hubert A. Hoggle, as told to Mary B. Hoggle; 2000.
  24. Autobiography of James Robert Maxwell; 1926.
  25. The Legend of Dr. Pepper/7Up; Jeffrey L. Rodengen; 1995.
  26. A Belle of the Fifties, Memoirs of Mrs. Clay of Alabama; Virginia Clay-Clopton; 1905.
  27. Harry Truman; Margaret Truman; 1973.