Items stored on the table in the front middle room upstairs:

The following old newspapers are stored on the long table in the middle front room upstairs. Many are in fragile condition:

Bookshelf, top shelf:

Bookshelf, top shelf: a collection of Marie Christian Guin Rushing’s work. Items one through eight have been mounted on card stock and are standing next to the bookshelf.  

  1. Guin family chart—descendants of Christopher Gewin, from 1688.
  2. Christian family lineage chart complied by Marie Rushing June 5, 1985.
  3. Christian – Guin chart. John Christian (Curwen) b. 1655—descendants.
  4. Martin lineage chart
  5. General highway map Hale County, Alabama 1986, General highway map Greene County, Alabama map 1983.
  6. Descendents of Samuel Cecil Christian, born Tuscaloosa County, Alabama 1852. Married Peggy Jane “Sis” Dunn.
  7. Descendents of Jessie Francis Christian, born 1830 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, married Julia Ann Phillips.
  8. Descendents of James Christian Jr., born 1800 married Mary Howell Washington (alias).
  9. A diary written by Daniel Richmond Caffee for the years 1855-1921.
  10. A reprint of W. S. Persinger’s handwritten A History of Early Northport. Marie Rushing had begun to write a copy from the original but she only wrote the first few pages. NOTE: a bound copy of A History of Early Northport is located in the library on the shelf labeled “Northport.”

Newspapers, stack one:

  1. The Tuscaloosa News and Times Gazette, February 13, 1925. History and advertisement of Try -me Bottling Company Northport, Alabama.
  2. Tuscaloosa News April 11, 1951, April 23-25, 1969, May 27, 1969.
  3. Tuscaloosa News April 21, 1969, October 10, 1971, March 30, 1976 (recap of the 1932 Northport tornado), April 24 and 26, 1970, April 20, 1969.
  4. Tuscaloosa News November 3, 1911, May 26, 1915, January 5, 1919, April 14, 1929, May 4, 1930, May 18, 1930, October 5, 1930, November 9, 1930, June 21, 1931, August 9, 1931, November 18, 1931, November 22, 1931, March 1, 1932, March 23, 1932, March 24, 1932, August 18, 1932, October 2 and 16, 1932, December 2, 1932, March 12, 1933, May 18 a d22, 1933, October 4, 8, and 20, 1933, December 10 and 20 1933, March 11, 1934, December 2, 4, and 7, 1934, May 12, 1935, August 24, 1845, may 3, 1936, September 18 and 24, 1936, October 16, 22, and 30, 1936, May 23, and 26, 1937, August 22 and 29 1937, September 13, 1937, October 12, 1937, June 5 and 14, 1938, September 29, 1938, August 18, 1940, November 30, 1940, May 18, 1941, May 18 and 25, 1941, July 16, 1941, November 6, 1941, January 3, 944, March 26, 1944, June 29, 1948, August 18 and 21, 1949, November 18, 1949, April 2 and 19, 1950, April 27, 1950, May 5 and 21, 1950, June 3, 4, 14, 18, and 30, 1950, July 2 and 30, 1950, August 6, 10, 13, and 29, 1950, September 14 and 17, 1950, November 10, 1950, December 15, 1950, March 29, 1951, July 1, 1951, October 11, 1951, November 22, 1951, December 2, 1951, January 20 and 22, 1952, February 3,  and 17, 1952, March 22, 1953, October 7 and 18, 1953, December 13, 953, February 7, 1954, March 14, 1954, April 2, 1955, October 23, 1955, November 3 and 26, 1955, October 2, 1956, November 13 and 15, 1956, February 16, 1957, May 26, 1957, October 26 and 30, 1957, March 11 and 23, 1958, April 30, 1958, June 22, 1958, August 2, 1958, December 14, 1958, May 10, 1959, August 4, 1959, December 9, 1959, January 9, 1959, January 27, 1960, February 6, 1960, November 3, 11, and 28, 1961, December 3, 1961, August 6, 1964, November 5, 1964.
  5. Tuscaloosa News 1919, 1926, 1931, 1953 and 1941. Material in good condition and has lots of early history.
  6. Tuscaloosa Gazette: Northport News October 14, 1886.
  7. The Northporter August 27, 1964 and October 8, 1964.
  8. Tuscaloosa News articles: December 28, 1926—closing days of the Civil War in Tuscaloosa; March 10, 1931 Northport once a canebrake; January 18, 1948 Snow in Tuscaloosa; November 25, 1950—coldest day in Northport.
  9. Tuscaloosa News November 12, 19232- crossing the Warrior River in days gone by.
  10. The Northport Gazette—many issues from 1998-1999.

Newspapers, stack two:

  1. A box of newspaper clipping relating to the 1969 Alabama Sesquicentennial.
  2. A stack of Tuscaloosa News in very fragile condition.
  3. The Alabama Breeze Newspaper Northport/Tuscaloosa Edition for the entire year of 1909—bound by hard cover and in excellent condition.
  4. Port Townsend, Washington 1884; Birmingham News, November 11, 1918(end of World War I); Birmingham News, February 9, 1964; The Richland Beacon News, January 11, 1969. All these papers are in very fragile condition.

Newspapers, stack three: 

  1. West Alabama Breeze—many issues from 1912 
  2. Tuscaloosa News March 10, 1931—one full page regarding the Central Foundry Company including its history.
  3. Tuscaloosa News March 10, 1931. Local historian tells history of local area.
  4. Northport Herald October 21, 1909—M. W. Shirley, editor.
  5. Tuscaloosa News January 7, 1949—big flood in Northport
  6. Northport Herald –the entire year of 1912
  7. A large box containing many Tuscaloosa News (in many instances the entire paper) for the 1980s and the 1990s.
  8. The Sunday Sun from the 1900s
  9. The Tuscaloosa News 1920s-1970s. Much information of the 1971 Northport Centennial.
  10. A folder titled “pages from local newspapers with information of families from Northport—1878,1886, 1889, 1898, 1911,1913, 1919,1920, 1921,1925, 1927,1930, 1939, 1940, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1962, 1964, 19651967,1974. Material well preserved and in good condition.
  11. The Tuscaloosa Times, Special Edition October 28, 1896.
  12. A folder with various news articles; a sketch of lots in Tuscaloosa dated 1862.

Art—photographs, paintings, drawings and etchings from tomb stone markers. These are stored on the table in the front middle room upstairs.

  1. George W. Christian—chromolithograph photograph late 19th century. He and his family lived in the Shirley Place house prior to 1880.
  2. Main Avenue painting by Dan Roundtree (21 copies)
  3. Northport First United Methodist Church by Robert Hollingsworth 1977.
  4. Summer’s End (antebellum home on University blvd currently occupied by St. T. Bunn Company) by Dan Roundtree 1978.
  5. The Swaim Home by Dan Roundtree (two copies).
  6. The Shirley Bridge by Dan Roundtree
  7. Across the Black Warrior by Dan Roundtree
  8. Drawing of Jefferson Davis
  9. Town Clock at intersection of University Boulevard and Greensboro Avenue in Tuscaloosa with sign “First National Bank Tuskaloosa 1871.
  10. Sketches of The Rotunda 1831, The Lyceum 1831, Franklin Hall (UA campus) 1835, the Faculty House (UA campus) 1831.
  11. sketch of Downtown Elrod, Alabama
  12. Federal Raids in Alabama 1861-1865.
  13. Etching from Kenneth Findley marker March 15, 1769
  14. Etching from Lucretia Winn marker 1773-1867 (hard to read, dates may be incorrect).
  15. Mary Alice McLester marker
  16. Mary White 1872-1873
  17. Charles Stone
  18. Booklet of sketches: (1)Maxwell/Hamner House, 1885; (2) Northport Civic Center, 1985; (3) Christian House, 1840; (4) Clements House, 1820; (5) Shirley House, 1850; (6) Northport First United Methodist Church; (7) Northport, Alabama (river and steamboat).
  19. Large poster of photos labeled “Alabama Confederate Veterans, 1902.” Each photo is labeled. Inserted is this note: Votes 1860 3,274; total enlistments 3, 150.
  20. Perspective map of Tuskaloosa, Alabama 1887.
  21. A sketching of The Rotunda 1813; Franklin hall 1835; Lyceum 1831; Faculty House 1831.
  22. Photo of Jonathan Shirley and family.
  23. A CD with many pictures of Northport sites and individuals. None are identified.
  24. A folder “Marvin photos for FHN Magazine”—an accumulation of Harper family pictures.
  25. A folder of photographs of tombstones in the Old Liberty Cemetery in Coker—Murchison Findley, Catherine Robertson Findley and others.
  26. A framed unidentified house in Northport.
  27. A framed photo of actors in a play held in Williamson Cemetery.
  28. Two large black and white photos of unidentified buildings in Northport.
  29. Color painting of the Old Tavern

Maps—These are mounted on card stock and are stored on the desk in the middle front room upstairs.

  1. Map of Northport. As three foot by four foot map incorporating twelve surveys. Names of owner for each lot is given. In excellent condition.
  2. A June 1889 laminated map of Northport in excellent condition.
  3. Map of Northport for the year 1833 giving names of businesses on land bordered by Main Street, Marr’s Ferry Road, the Warrior River, and 1st Street.
  4. A collection of multiple maps of Northport some of the entire early city and others of later years but prior to the Civil War.
  5. Very large map of first survey of Northport prepared by Carl Adams. This will be framed and hung on a wall in the downstairs area.
  6. Map of Georgia, The Gulf Coast, and the Lower Mississippi in 1748.
  7. Map of Charleston, South Carolina in 1872.
  8. The South in 1817

Scrapbooks—these are stored on the long table in the middle front room upstairs. 

  1. Scrapbook collected and developed by a descendant of an early Northport families—Powell, Rose and Quarles. Information is of local families in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.
  2. Scrapbook of miscellaneous local Northport history from the 1930s. In excellent condition.
  3. Scrapbook of Northport’s 125th Anniversary in 1996.
  4. Scrapbook of coal mining.
  5. Scrapbook of W. W. White.
  6. Marvin Harper’s personal photographs
  7. Marvin Harper’s WW II album—excellent material
  8. Scrapbook from a vacation trip in 1913.
  9. Northport Centennial 1971—scrapbook in excellent condition
  10. Vestavia Hill Community Club, Northport, Al 1962-1981

A box of odds and ends found in a cigar box on the bookshelf: an official Tuscaloosa County ballot for the November 5, 1940 election; receipts given by Albert Holman from 1927.

The antique trunk

The trunk: 

Marvin Harper—personal items(speeches, Shelton State lessons, letters, employment, military, sale of home and purchase of Christian house, monthly budgets, school report cards, 1988 campaign for city council, vacation slides. 

A folder “A Tale of Two Cities” contains the secret manuscript of Charles Dickens’ “The Life of Our Lord” as it appeared in the Tuscaloosa News March 21, 1934.

Folder with personal information: 

Folder for campaign for District 1, Northport City Council, August 23, 1988—nine (9) folders.

Folder for coins, plates, etc. purchased 1980.

Folder for sale of plates and silver 1980.

Folder for coins.

Merrill Lynch 1980 statement.

Monthly budgets for several years during the mid 1980s, including lists of things to repair at Christian home.

Folder showing figures for sale of his house ($36,500 asking price) and notes to do prior to moving into Christian house. 

Reichhold Chemical stock sale 1980

Folder with: receipts dating back to 1927 (his parents); Olan Mills employee records; letter dated September 1914 to Mrs. Little from Swilers?? (I can’t be sure of the last name.) B. O. P. Elks membership card; American Legion card; American Red Cross card 1943; letters of correspondence; sale of “river lands” in the estate of B. T. Harper 2/14/31.

Personal ledger of expenses for 1959—a few examples: monthly power bill $11.49, Dr. Davis (DENTIST) $5; Dr. Darden (medical doctor) $4; monthly telephone $6.82; $10.50 ambulance for his mother; $22 Druid City Hospital x-ray for his mother.

Folder with Marvin’s report cards and other school work 1929-1934, a graduation invitation and list of TCHS graduates 1937, Marvin’s Social Security card (taped inside front cover), war bond 1942, certificate of registration for war ration stamps, March 6, 1941 program drama and glee club, Post Theater Ford McPherson, Georgia 1942, First Baptist Church Birmingham bulletin April 9, 1944.

Notebook for Marvin’s science class for 1937.

Vacation slides—multiple.

Woodman of the World folder—cashing in policies to help pay for Christian home.

A folder of Marvin’s speeches on preservation, D-day in Tuscaloosa (handwritten account of General Croxton’s raid of Northport and Tuscaloosa April 1845, toastmaster, Mexico Christmas, homecoming at Jennings Chapel Church.

Seven (7) folders of speeches delivered in the 1970s and 1980s on preservation.

File Cabinet # One

Antiques: folders containing clipping and/or journals on multiple antiques—they are located in the center section of file drawer number one.

Calendars: Northport 1976 Bicentennial calendar—drawings done by Mrs. Bobby Cherones’ art students—Mike Calhoun, Eve Engle, Janet Fesmire, Denise Giles, Matt Hollub, Kim Horton, Fred Keith, Deborah Kizzire, Tina Lunceford, Tom Mason, Teri price, Tammy Porter, and Glenn Reed. These are located in the back section of drawer one.

Tuscaloosa Sesquicentennial 1819-1969: April 19-26 souvenir program. Fifty copies are in the front section of drawer one.


SAR (Sons of the American Revolution)

Thirty folders—located in the front section of file drawer two.  


Seventeen files—located near the back of file drawer two

File Drawer # three

Calendars: Northport 1976 Bicentennial calendar—drawings by Mrs. Bobby Cherones’ students

Calendars: 1989 Churches of Tuscaloosa County presented by the TCPS.

Churches: The History of Northport churches, June 1976

Bulletins from Northport United Methodist Church—1994-1998

“Early development of Bethel Baptist Church and surrounding areas” written by Carl Adams July  1974 (100 copies)  

The second Annual Pilgrimage of Homes April 15-16, 1967.  

The third Annual Pilgrimage of Homes April 13-14, 12968

The Fourth Annual Pilgrimage of Homes April 19-22, 1969

Pilgrimage of Homes April 11-12, 1970

Pilgrimage of Homes April 16-18, 1971

Heritage Week April l 9-16, 1972

Heritage Celebration “Pride in America” April 6-20, 1975.

File Drawer # four


Friedman house—100 plus copies are located in the back of file drawer two

Portfolio of Col. John McKee, land offcie registrar for Tuscaloosa 1812–seventy five copies.

Old Tavern—one hundred plus copies

File Drawer # five

Christmas cards

Clippings on home remedies

Folder on George Taylor, a solder from Comer, Alabama 1918

Northport bicentennial


  • Individual photos of: Ashley, Alice and Evelyn; football in the 19800s on the grass to the right of Denny Chimes; Johns, Mary Griffin; Nabors, Jim?; Nevins; Dr. Palmer; Lula October 28, 1902; Stella and Thomas.
  • An album of pictures and related articles of Marvin’s induction and service in the U. S. Army—from the letter he received to report to Dr. Booth for his pre-draft physical. The picture, many are unlabeled, are in great shape but the album is literally falling apart. A new album needs to be made.
  • Two albums of personal pictures that obviously are not local. The scenes are of deep snow, Niagara Falls, and large industrial cities. The pictures are in good shape but the album is shredding.
  • A folder of miscellaneous pictures: the Black Warrior River bridge; Bryce Hospital; Mrs. Ellen’s residence; Central Female College; capital in Montgomery prior to the Civil War; Christ Episcopal Church 1899; Confederate veterans early 1900; Forkland School in Coker 1892; Golden Cross Band; Greensboro Avenue 1850; Dr. George Little 1838-1924; Livingston Alabama (several pictures); Maxwell-Richardson hoses; McLester Hotel; picture downtown Tuscaloosa 1960s; president’s Mansion at UA; Smallwood Boots and Shoes; Tuscaloosa City Hall;  Tuscaloosa County scenes 1930s (thee); Tuscaloosa County Board of Education building; Tuskaloosa Female College and Park; 19196 reenactment of an April 1865 wedding interrupted by Union troops.
  • A box of loose photos—some local, some from Marvin’s travels (almost none are labeled). Also tons of color slides.
  • A folder with: Northport Barnes and Norris Gin built between 1861 and 1880; Northport downtown back street; Northport Bell Drugs; Northport bridge 1887 etching; Northport Christian home; Northport Clements house built 1820;Northport flood 1916; Northport – a folder with: Northport flood 1916.
  • A folder of: Cliff Atkinson; Cochrane home; Mrs. Etta Davis and singing group; an envelop containing—Dr. James T. Searcy home 2604 8th street; several Searcy family and Johnston family members; downtown Tuscaloosa with trolley car; First Presbyterian Church, an envelop containing 4 pictures of a group of black men dressed in coats and hats listening to a speaker; Governor Albert  Brewer and Tuscaloosa Mayor George can Tassel; Gail Majors; Federated Club president (one of which is Betty Barnett).
  • Miscellaneous—Greensboro Ave. 1850; Tuscaloosa Female College and Park; Sarah White collection.