Collections of articles from newspapers are located on shelf thirty-five and thirty-nine.

  1. The Natchez Democrat—The Natchez Story.
  2. Three three-ring notebooks have eighty-seven Marie Ball written clippings from The Tuscaloosa News from the 1970.
  3. A hardbound collection of Tuscaloosa News covering World War II 1941-1942, collected by Louise Roberts (1928-2005), donated by W. H. Smith.
  4. Weekend History Notes as appeared in The Tuscaloosa News; Marvin Harper; 1970s.  THIS IS A GREAT COLLECTION AND HAS A TABLE OF CONTENTS LISTING THE SUBJECTS OF ARTICLES.
  5. Excerpts from The Tuscaloosa Times 1881-1886 Volume I, Tuscaloosa County Alabama (two copies); Maggie Hubbard Sudduth;1987.
  6. The Northport Herald—personals 1910-1911: a three ring notebook collection of newspaper articles from said newspaper for said years.
  7. Southern Ruralist—several copies from the 1920s.

NOTE: Old newspapers are also found in the middle room upstairs. See that inventory list for details.

Also, in the “Alabama History” section in the library room, many excerpts from Alabama newspapers dating to the 1820s can be found.