Northport, Alabama

Books on the topic of Northport are located on shelves thirty-seven through forty-one. Each book is listed by title, author, and date of publication.

  1. Northport Heritage Honor Roll 20th century: a pictorial scrapbook, along with biographies of inductees.
  2. Williamson Cemetery: a three ring notebook listing the individuals interred in said cemetery.
  3. Photographs at Induction Ceremony of Heritage Honor Roll 2006 and 2007: a three ring notebook collection of said materiel.
  4. Northport Chamber of Commerce Minutes of Board Meetings 1971-1982.
  5. History of Northport Alabama; a three ring notebook collection of W. S. Persinger’s handwritten history of Northport (written in 1931).
  6. History of Northport (hard bound); W. S. Persinger; 1931.
  7. The History of the Hospital in Northport, Alabama (four copies); Hayse Boyd M.D.; 2002.
  8. A Plan for Historic Preservation Northport, Alabama (two copies); West Alabama Planning and Development Council; 1981.
  9. Northport High School 1923 Commencement Scrapbook; Louise Beale.
  10. Northport Present Day Study Club Year Book 1945-1946.
  11. Daily Report Tallys from Maxwell Television Service; 1969-1970.
  12. Ledger from Maxwell Tire and Oil Company November 20, 1928-December 30, 1941.
  13. Ledger from Maxwell Tire and Oil Company December 31, 1942-December 31, 1964.
  14. Ledger from Maxwell Television January 1967-May 1970.
  15. Invoices from Maxwell Television: 1966-1969.
  16. The History of Northport: A Native Son’s Story (100 copies); Maggie Geist; 1984.
  17. Scrapbook 1980s Northport Present Day Study Club; donated by Julia Matthews.
  18. Scrapbook of pictures of the building of Contract Knitters, now Spiller Furniture Company.
  19. Rice Brothers Gin and Warehouse Seed Cotton Tickets 24001-25000; 26001-26500; 27501-28000 for the years 1941-1942.
  20. Rice Brothers Gin and Warehouse Warehouse records 1927, 1930, 1931, 1932.
  21. Rice Brothers Gin and Warehouse records of cotton seed bought, 1931.
  22. Ledger for Marshall, Jordan & Keith; the year is not discernible.
  23. Ledger book for the years 1924-1927.
  24. Historic Shirley Place, Photographs of Yard and Garden: a three-ring notebook scrapbook.
  25. Friends of Historic Northport Newsletters 1999-2005.
  26. A booklet “Northport in the 20th Century
  27. A folder Northport Vol. I is on shelf forty and contains: a legal pad composed photos of Northport historical structure and information about their history composed composed by Maggie Geist; Booklet “A plan for historical preservation; Northport Academy; Northport businesses in 1871-a handwritten list quoting Carl Adams; Northport crossword puzzles; Northport structures and date of construction; Northport early history; “Persinger’s “Early History of Northport”; photos of Bell Drug Store, G. W. Christian and Co. 1929, Christian and Faucett Store 1880; Dr. S. T. Hardin Drug Store 1905; Josh’s Bar circa 1885; Rushing hunting dog; Time line 1540-1984 and 1816-1980 (includes information on early Northport schools (use in book), Maxwell Dry Goods (use in book). Sarah White article 1957; Early Years of Northport in retrospect; a play “This is your town, Northport” in 2010.
  28. A folder labeled Northport History Vol. II is on shelf forty and contains: Civil War  days; Matthew Clinton article; map of Northport 1889; Maxwell, Tom the merchant; the closing days of the War of Secession in Tuscaloosa, by Matt Clinton; River disaster; steamboat tragedies; Heritage Week March 22, 1987;
  29. A folder labeled Northport Museum is on shelf forty and contains: dedication program October 28, 2001; founding committees; multiple news articles; Northport Gazette article February 12, 2003; pledge of funds from A. H. Bean.
  30. A folder labeled Northport tours is on shelf forty and lists the following sites of interest: Barnes and Norris Gin 1860s; Clements House 1820; GM&O railroad trestle; Kelly 5 and 10, 1850; John Maxwell house 1900; Maxwell-Peters House 1868; Mawell-Hamner House c 1885; Sam Maxwell House 1830; Northport Baptist Church 1920s; Northport Methodist Church 1913; Railroad Depot 1905; Rushing House 1880; Swink-Barringer House 1850; Williamson Cemetery (land donated by Dempsey Williamson 1850; Kentuck Sampler, a book of Alabama lore
  31. A folder labeled Shirley Place is on shelf forty and contains: handwritten list of contents.
  32. A folder labeled  Tuscaloosa is on shelf forty-seven and contains: history of Tuscaloosa banks prepared by the Heritage Commission of Tuscaloosa County; Tuscaloosa City Directory 1902-1903, 1916-1917, 1924-1925 (note there are lists of schools but no colored in Northport; Tuskaloosa Magazine #77 1944: history of fast-pitch softball in Queen City Park; Jemison Mansion; historical record of Tuskaloosa 1819-1969; William Russell Smith, President of the University of Alabama; Tuskaloosa  in 1887, The Year of the Big Boom by Matt Clinton; Tuscaloosa Times Special Edition October 28, 1896—bios and pictures, Bryce Hospital, Businesses churches, and public, capture of Tuscaloosa, doctors, history accounts, lawyers, picture of north bank of the Warrior River, public officials, University of Alabama schools; Tuscaloosa News February 7, 1957 (riot on campus); University of Alabama football team and athletic association officers 1897-1898; University of Alabama—pictures from the 1901 Corollas (Joseph Emil Shirley and F. W. Rice); the Old Tavern.