Books regarding preservation are located on shelve number thirty-eight.   Each book is listed by title, author, and date of publication.

  1. The Preservationist’s Progress: Hugh Howard; 1991.
  2. Historical Markers, A Bibliography; Raymond F. Pisney; 1977.
  3. Does The Past Hold A Future For You? The Center for Historic Preservation, Middle Tennessee State University; date of publication not given.
  4. Historic Preservation in Columbus, Georgia; The Columbus Area Bicentennial Committee; 1976.
  5. American Preservation, The Magazine for Historic and Neighborhood Preservation; May-June 1980.
  6. Heritage Week and Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society; 1972.
  7. Historic Preservation, by the West Alabama Planning and Development Council  (two copies); 1974.
  8. Renaissance in Carolina; date of publication not given.
  9. Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society Heritage Week April 1971.
  10. Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society Heritage Week 1972.
  11. Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society Heritage Week April 1974.
  12. Decorator Shoe House 1991.
  13. Decorator Show House, 1998.
  14. Heritage Calendar for 1989, Churches of Tuscaloosa County; Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society; 1989.
  15. Tuscaloosa Landmarks (two copies); Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society; 1969.
  16. Alabama Register of Landmarks & Heritage; 1978.
  17. Bridging the Past of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama (two copies); Mary A. Sinclair; 1986.
  18. Bridging the Past of Tuscaloosa County, Volume II (two copies); Billie Thomson Lockard and Mary Underwood Sinclair; 1987.
  19. Past Horizons; Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society; 1978.
  20. Guide to Historic Tuscaloosa, Reflections of the Past; Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society; date of publication not given.
  21. Report to the President and Congress of the United States 1991; Advisory Council on Historic Preservation; 1991.
  22. Built in the USA, Why Our Buildings Look the Way They Do; National Trust for Historic Preservation; 1985.
  23. Tuscaloosa County Comprehensive Plan, a guide for future growth and development; 1977.
  24. Action Plan for Recreation Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation Authority; 1977.
  25. Community Environment Inventory, toward a comprehensive plan for the City of Tuscaloosa.
  26. West Alabama Region Land Development Plan.
  27. The Housing Authority of the City of Northport, Alabama, August 1967.
  28. Several copies of The Second Annual Pilgrimage of Homes and Gardens 1967.
  29. Photographs of the Old Tavern
  30. Friends of Historic Northport (FHN) folder containing By-Laws and letters.
  31. Folder “Preservation Brief”–how to preserve brick.
  32. Brochures for proposed West Alabama Heritage Learning Center—was to be built in the back yard of Historic Shirley Place.