Books relating to schools are located on bookshelves forty-two and forty-three.  Each book is listed by title, author, and date of publication.

  1. The Great Events in History; James Johonnot; 1887.
  2. Textbook on Chemistry for the use of schools and colleges; John William Draper, M.D.; 1858.
  3. Introduction to Political Science; James Wilford Garner, PhD.;1910.
  4. Reading in Public Schools; Thomas H. Briggs and Lotus D. Coffman; 1908.
  5. Modern World; Wilson Mason West; 1915.
  6. Elements of Mental Philosophy, Embracing the two Departments of the Intellect and the Sensibilities; Thomas C. Upham; 1850.
  7. English Fundamentals; Rannie B. Baker and Mabel Goddard; 1928.
  8. Art and the Formation of Taste; Lucy Crane; 1885.
  9. The Leading Facts of English History; D. H. Montgomery; 1900.
  10. First Lesson in American History; Lawton B. Evans; 1924.
  11. Ancient History; Philip Van Ness Myers; 1903.
  12. Elements of Logic or a Summary of the General Principles and Different Modes of Reasoning; Levi Hedge, LL.D.; 1850.
  13. School Arithmetic;  date of publication not readable but early in 1800s.
  14. New Practical English Grammar; Williams and Roger; 1898.
  15. Frye’s First Course in Geography; date of publication not readable but it is the 1800s.
  16. Baldwin’s Readers Fifth Year; James Baldwin; 1897.
  17. Alabama History; Joel Campbell DuBose; 1915.
  18. New Common School Question Book; Asa H. Craig; 1897.
  19. 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary; Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis; 1942.
  20. The University of Alabama, A Guide to the Campus; Robert Oliver Melltown; 1988.
  21. Sparrow Hawk (a publication of the Bibb County Alabama Board of Education; seventeen issues from the 1970s.
  22. Black Warrior High School Annuals (Tuscaloosa) 1913-1916.
  23. Schools for All, The Blacks & Public Education in the South 1865-1877; William Preston Vaughn; 1974.
  24. A History and Personal Account of Secondary Education for Blacks in the Tuscaloosa City School System 1889-1976; McDonald Hughes; 1979.
  25. Strike Up The Million Dollar Band, 1912-1935, A History of the early years of the University of Alabama’s band; Thomas J. Hamner, Jr.; date of publication not given.
  26. Crimson Honors, Honors Week The University of Alabama 2008.
  27. A History of Stafford Elementary School; Vivian Lawson Massingill; 1952.
  28. The Chiaroscuro—school annual for Alabama Girl’s Industrial School Montevallo, Alabama for the class of 1910.
  29. A Mansion’s Memories of the University of Alabama (two copies); Mary Chapman Mathews; 1980.
  30. School Arithmetic; date of publican not legible, but it is early in the 1800s.
  31. Information for Teachers English Heritage Education Service (two copies); date of publication not given.
  32. The University of Alabama Catalog 1977-1978.
  33. Fern and Violet; published by the students of Central College, Tuscaloosa, Alabama; 1903.
  34. A History of the United States; Waddy Thompson; the page giving the date of publication is missing, but the book has the name George Rose, September 1, 1919 in it. Rose later became mayor of Northport, as did his son Wayne.
  35. The United States of American, Through the Civil War; David Saville Muzzey; 1922.
  36. The Government of the Nation, A Course in Civil Government; Francis Newton Thorpe; 1900.