Shirley Place Collections

Collections Inventory Historic Shirley Place 2007 Relocated to Drawer 20:

1. Documents are located in several three-ring notebooks and spiral bound books containing an inventory of all contents of the house. These were compiled with help of the University of Alabama and Ian Crawford a UA student.

2. Shirley Place Association Advisory Board, created by Northport Resolution Number 97-15. Spiral bound notebook contains copies of the resolution, along with copies of the Northport Resolution 97-58 authorizing the mayor to appoint the Shirley Place Advisory Board and to carry into effect the agreement between the City of Northport and Marvin L Harper and the April 20th, 1997 agreement by which Harper deeded the property to the City of Northport.

3. Photographs

4. Legal document transferring Shirley Place to the City of Northport

5. Publicity folder—multiple news clippings

6.Letter from Marvin Harper dated July 2, 2008, withdrawing his previous recommendation that his records be donated to the Clements House. Rather, he now wishes the records be kept in the Heritage Learning Center which he hoped would be built in the back yard of Historic Shirley Place.

7.Shirley Place reports

8. Property survey

9.Rental and reservation forms

10. The 155th birthday celebration and renaming  of Historic Shirley Place November 7, 1993.

11. Photo of original stair steps

12. Proposed Last Will and Testament of Marvin Harper dated October 28, 1997.

13.  Proposed Last Will and Testament of Marvin Harper dated November 11, 1997.

14. FHN Newsletters giving the history of Historic Shirley Place.

15. Old financial records of Historic Shirley Place.

16. Old membership records.

178. Bylaws for Historic Shirley Place