The Civil War

The following books on the topic of the Civil War are located on shelve nineteen. Each book is listed by title, author, and date of publication.

  1. Jefferson Davis, American Patriot; Hudson Strode; 1955.
  2. The War Between the Union and the Confederacy; William Oates; 1974.
  3. The DeRamus Family History in the Civil War; Charlies DeRamus; date of publication not given.
  4. Civil War Collectors Encyclopedia; Francis A. Lord; 1982.
  5. The Yankee Invasion of West Alabama March-April, 1865; William Stanley Hoole and Elizabeth Hoole McArthur; 1985.
  6. Civil War and Reconstruction in Alabama; Walter L. Fleming; 1978.
  7. The Federal Invasion of Tuscaloosa, 1865; Thomas P. Clinton, James A. Anderson, Samuel Williamson John; 1965.
  8. Gettysburg National Military Park; Frederick Tilberg; 1954.
  9. Vicksburg National Park; William C. Everhart; 1954.
  10. Fort Sumter National Monument; Frank Barnes; 1952.
  11. Reconstruction in West Alabama; memoirs of John L. Hunnicutt edited by William Stanley Hoole; 1959.
  12. The Sword of “Bushwhacker” Johnston; Rev. Milus E. Johnston; 1962.
  13. A Pictorial History of The Civil War Years; Paul M. Angle; 1967.
  14. Legends in Gray, the Paintings of Mort Kunstler.
  15. Civil War News (a newspaper) for July and August 2014.
  16. Classics of Civil War Fiction; David Madden and Peggy Back; 2001.
  17. The Secession Crisis 1860-1861; Charles Sellers; 1963.
  18. The Battle Ground (a novel from the Civil War); Ellen Glasgow.
  19. The Civil War, from 1859-1865); The Golden Book History of the United States; Earl Schenck Miers; 1963.