The South

Books related to the South are located on shelve forty-four.  Each book is listed by title, author, and date of publication.

  1. Washington North Carolina, Images of America; Louis Van Camp; 2000.
  2. Old New Orleans, Great American Homes; Vance Muse and Karen Radkai; 1988.
  3. Plantations of the Old South, Great American Homes; Henry Wiencek and Paul Rocheleau; 1988.
  4. Historic Charleston, Great American Homes; Shirley Abbott, Peter Vitale, and Steven Mays; 1988.
  5. Norman’s Natchez, An Early Photographer and His Town; Joan W. Gandy and Thomas H. Gandy; 1978.
  6. Mansions of The Virginia Gentry, Great American Homes; Henry Wiencek and Paul Rocheleau; 1988.
  7. Florida’s Pinellas Peninsula; June Huey Young; 1984.
  8. A Guide to Early American Homes South; Dorothy and Richard Pratt; 1956.
  9. Cabins and Characters; Mary Wallace Kirk; 1969.
  10. Ghosts Along The Mississippi, The Magic of the Old Houses of Louisiana; Clarence John Laughlin; MCMXLVIII
  11. The South in American History; William B. Hesseltine; 1936.
  12. Personalities of the South; American Biographical Institute; 1974.
  13. Southern Historian, Volume 11; The University of Alabama; 1990.
  14. Southern Historian, Volume XIII; The University of Alabama; 1992.
  15. Southern Historian, Volume XIV; The University of Alabama; 1993.
  16. Landmarks of Charleston; Thomas Petigru Lesesne; 1951.
  17. Natchez; Nola Nance Oliver; 1940.
  18. New Orleans, A Pictorial History From the Earliest Times to the Present Day; Leonard Huber; MCMLXXI.
  19. Jericho, The South Beheld; Hubert Shuptrine and James Dickey; 1974.
  20. Decatur County, Georgia, Past and Present; Decatur County Historical Society; 1991.
  21. Little River Pioneers; Nina Watson Cottrell, Thomas Ray Knox, Miles Kenan Womack, Jr.; 1998.
  22. Long Time Leaving Dispatches From The Ground Up; Roy Blount, Jr.; 2007.
  23. Sojourn in Savannah: Savannah Visitors Service 1968.
  24. Southern Times Magazine—several issues
  25. The Rising South, Volume 2; Robert H. McKenzie; 1976.
  26. Dixie’s Diverse Destiny; Margery Thompson Lockhart; 1979.
  27. Cracker Culture, Celtic Ways in the Old South; Grady McWhiney; 1988.
  28. The Rising South, Vol. 2 Southern Universities and the South; Robert H. McKenzie; 1976.