City of Tuscaloosa

Books regarding Tuscaloosa, the city, are found on shelves thirty through thirty-three. Each book is listed by title, author, and date of publication.

  1. Tuscaloosa, the tradition, the spirit, the vision (two copies); Johnnie Aycock and Barry Fikes; 1994.
  2. Escort Magazine of Tuscaloosa; four copies from 1990s
  3. Foundry Life, Holt, Alabama (two copies); Paul Singleton, Sr. and Donald Brown; 2004.
  4. Matt Clinton’s Scrapbook (two copies); Matt Clinton; 1979.
  5. Presenting the Balanced City—Industry, Agriculture, Institutions—Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Tuscaloosa Chamber of Commerce; 1951.
  6. Tuscaloosa Sketches; Helen Blackshear; 1967.
  7. Druid City Historic District, Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Tuscaloosa County Historical; Preservation Society; 1979.
  8. The History of Tuscaloosa 1816-1880 (two copies); Archibald Bruce McEachin (1837-1909); W. Stanley Hoole and Addie S. Hoole; 1977.
  9. A History of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1816-1949; Ben A Green; 1949.
  10. Survey of History and Architecture Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Heritage Commission of Tuscaloosa County; 1984.
  11. Tuscaloosa, Alabama Its Early Days 1816-1865 (two copies); Mathew William Clinton; 1958.
  12. Tuscaloosa City Directory 1972.
  13. The News Bag, a publication of Gulf States Paper Corporation; twenty-two copies from the 1970s.
  14. Tuscaloosa Landmarks Historical Calendar 1998 (two copies); Union Furniture Company.
  15. Tuscaloosa Landmarks Historical Calendar 1999 (two copies); Union Furniture Company.
  16. Tuscaloosa Landmarks Historical Calendar 2000; Union Furniture Company.
  17. Tuscaloosa Sesquicentennial 1819-1969.
  18. The History of Chief Tuskaloosa Chapter NSDAR 1901-1990 (two copies); Mary Underwood Sinclair; 1990.
  19. Scrapbook Druid Toastmasters, 1956.
  20. The Cook Book; Junior Welfare Association, Tuscaloosa; 1939.
  21. Tuscaloosa Alabama 1977 (two copies); Reichhold Chemicals, Inc.;1977.
  22. Historic Tuscaloosa, A Self-guided Tour; Matt Clinton; 1966.
  23. The Friedman Story, From Peddler to Philanthropist; Helen Blackshear; 1994.
  24. Tuscaloosa Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow; Donald and Hannah Brown; 2010
  25. A Biological Index of Greenwood Cemetery Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Billie Thomson Lockard; 1992.
  26. Haunted Tuscaloosa; David Higdon and Brett J. Talley; 2012.
  27. A folder with many news clippings; A Tour of Historic Tuscaloosa, TCPS 1967.