Tuscaloosa Family & Individual News Clippings

This document gives information about individuals who compose part of the history of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama and nearby counties as they appeared in local.

The listing of the following families and information about said individuals was gathered by the late Marvin Harper, historian par excellence of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Harper collected the material—newspaper clippings, genealogical records, photographs, personal correspondence and other materials—and filed it in folders which were stored in file cabinets in his home where it sat for decades. The material was gathered between the late 1960s and 2006.

In December 2015, Hayse Boyd M. D., Chairman of the Board of Directors of the West Alabama Heritage Learning Center in Northport, began the arduous process of reviewing each family file and noting key information found therein. Some files contain only one article, often a newspaper obituary. Other files contain many articles about said families. The finished product is presented here.  Unfortunately, many of the original hard copy documents are in fragile condition due to the aging of the documents, but all files are now available for review at the Learning Center.

LOCATION OF FILES:   Adams through Fair are located in DRAWER 11; Faucett through Lucy Maxwell are located in DRAWER 12; Maxwell-Hamner through Rust are located in DRAWER 13; Sanders through Wyatt are located in DRAWER 14.

Note regarding abbreviations:

FHN refers to Friends of Historic Northport,  a local historical society.

Weekend History Notes refers to a series of articles about Tuscaloosa County people and events written by Marvin Harper during the 1970s and published in The Tuscaloosa News.

Dob stands for date of birth.

Bio stands for biography.

Dates. If dates are given on documents, the dates are so stated. Unfortunately, many articles give no date.

The first file is composed of letters from Marvin Harper to individuals regarding the following names. The file is the first file in DRAWER 11.

O’Connor/Snyder, Jean Townsend—obit dated August 26, 2007.

Boatner, Elvira H. & T. N. Boatner were married September 13, 1833.

Coke (Cocke), Richard – no information.

Derby, James W. –no information.

Halbert, Joshua, born in Virginia October 4, 1785, married Matilda Nash. Halbert was a Baptist preacher and died 1812 near North River.

Jean, William Edmon, born in Fayette in 1820, married Tabithia Cordina Sanford—no other information.

Madera/Hayes/Bridges/Powell/ Cater/Thomas/Jackson families—some were slaves and others were descendants of slaves.  The document contains a number of photographs.

Knowles, Richard moved to Tuscaloosa after 1818.

Poe, Major James—a veteran of the Revolutionary War is buried in the Newtonville community in Fayette County.

Wallingsford, Moses Bale was born in Huntsville in 1808—no information.

Having given information regarding the first file, we now move to the family files. Each is housed within its own folderThe files James Adams through Fair family are located in DRAWER 11.

Adams, James: FHN article on William Lewis Adams (dob 1777); FHN article November 19, 2001, regarding James Avery Adams (1856-1909); story of Adam’s life by daughter Mary Adams Bradley; several abstracts of title and warrant deeds; Adams 5 & 10; photographs; Weekend History Note of June 4, 1972, on the “original maverick,” Samuel A. Maverick (dob 1803); Weekend History Note of June 24, 1972.

Adams family: FHN Newsletter Adams, A Prominent Early Citizen; letter from Robert Adams to Mary A. Maverick dated December 7, 1838; photo of Carl Adams with Queen Anne chest; letter from Mary Ann Maverick to Agatha S. Adams dated August 25, 1838; photo James Adams; letter from Sam Curran Adams to Mary A. Maverick dated December 10, 1839; letter from Robert S. Adams to Mary A. Maverick dated November 3, 1841; excerpts from The Daily Globe of Washington D. C., August 21, 1854; Memoirs of Mary A. Maverick, San Antonio’s First American Woman; obituary for Mrs. Mary Adams dated January 22, 1940; obituary for James Avery Adams dated June 24, 2001; Tuskaloosa Magazine issue # 68; life of William Lewis Adams written by James C. Adams.

Akins family: inquiry regarding Mary Ellen McCollers Akins, first wife of William Jacob Akins, buried in the New Lexington Cemetery. No information found.

Albright, Carl: obit dated February 18, 1975.

Allen, James B. (Alabama US senator): an account of his death dated June 2, 1978.

Anders Family: photograph of the Anders Memorial located at Northport City Hall; FHN newsletter May 1, 2000 regarding James Anders (1887-1962); bio of James Burwell Anders (dob 1908); several news articles about Anders family activities and contributions to the community; history of the Adams home 312 Main Avenue; Anders genealogy material; funeral programs for family members; history of Anders Hardware Company; bio for Dr. Mary Edna Anders; post-1880 photo of Christian-Faucett Store; photo of Dr. S. T. Hardin’s Drug Store.

Anderson home: located at 1301 Main Avenue, an American bungalow design house built in the 1920s by Sidney Hugh Anderson. In the late 1990s, the house was restored by Ted and Donna Hardin. A news article gives the details; FHN Newsletter February 2000 regarding said home.

Archibald, Miss Elizabeth of Greene County, Alabama: 1970 news article of her retirement after forty years as an English teacher and missionary to Japan; John McKee, Indian Agent, Frontier Statesman, Congressman written by Miss Archibald in 1966; In Memory of Sarah Baugh Archibald 1909-1971 and Edwin Addison Archibald III 1907-1976, written by Miss Archibald in 1976; personal letters; poems.

Archibald Railroad Estates: a lawsuit between the State of Louisiana and the heirs of J. Burton Archibald.

Archibald, Walter Patton (1889-1951): a biography; obit of William Pratt Archibald (1851-1932); family tree of Robert Sartor Smith; Archibald family record; Chromosomed vs. Symbolized, An Aid to the Sporting Attitude in Preservation AffairsThe Helen Keller Affirmation; Thomas Archibald family.

Archibald Book Publication: personal correspondence regarding the Greene County Archibalds, a book; Archibald, A History and Genealogy of Descendants of William Archibald, Immigrant and Settler of Rowan County, North Carolina.

Archibald, miscellaneous: genealogy records; copies of family records from bibles, correspondence; copy of letter from July 14, 1794; obit of Mrs. Alyce Archibald; photos from Archibald Cemetery in Archibald, Louisiana; Southern Farm and Land Almanac 1994-1995; Burke’s Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry, Seventeenth Edition MCMLII (1952).

Archibald, Sons of American Revolution: a letter of inquiry.

Archibald, 4th Creek burying grounds: a brochure Fourth Creek Memorial Burying Ground 1756, Statesville, North Carolina.

Archibald, Josiah Burton: family record of Josiah Burton Archibald (1824-1892) and wife Dorcas Elizabeth Dillard (1825-1902); copies of Confederate military record of Josiah Burton Archibald; letters of correspondence with Clan Archibald in America.

Archibald, Robert Washington: bio on Robert Washington Archibald, dob 1818; Mrs. S. W. Archibald, mother-in-law to Winton Blount, a member of President Richard Nixon’s Cabinet; Winton Blount sworn in as Postmaster General of the United States.

Archibald, Reverend Thomas:  church minutes of Mount (not legible) Presbyterian Church showing the suspension of membership privileges of said individual; identification papers showing said individual to be a veteran of the Revolutionary War; files from Historical Foundation Presbyterian and Reformed Churches, Montreat, North Carolina, giving chronically the assemblies in which said individual preached.

Archibald, Thomas: a story of the murder of Thomas Archibald on September 2, 1878.

Archibald, William: genealogy charts.

Asher: funeral notice, undated, for Olive Asher, the only child of Dr. D. C. and Olive Asher.

Atkins, Reverend Benjamin Franklin (B. F.) (1891-1976): retired as pastor of Northport Baptist Church in 1958 after thirty (30)years of service; FHN Newsletter November 2003; a book, Today Ain’t Yesterday, written by Atkins; news articles; the story of his robe being donated to FHN Museum; photographs; bio of said individual; The Northport Baptist Beacon for September 3, 1974; obit for said individual.

Atkinson, Ronald Allan (1944-1991): program for funeral service for said individual; no date given.

Bagwell, James Wiley: obit for said individual dated March 19, 1994.

Baines family: FHN Newsletter March 1999; an account of George Baines,  Reverend James Baines and Reverend Thomas Baines. The men were involved in the establishment of Bethel Baptist Church near North River on the Watermelon Road and Ebenezer Baptist Church, now the First Baptist Church Tuscaloosa; both churches were founded in January 1818; Lavinia Baines Hassell; family tree of Miles Hassell family.

Banks: the file has an unsigned four page handwritten letter that mentions Union General Nathaniel P. Banks. It is in an envelop on which is written Capt. B. Warren, Chilicothe, Illinois; undated weekend history notes regarding early Banks families.

Barger, Clifford: FHN Newsletter May 2005 regarding said individual.

Barnes, Largus Fletcher (1882-1962): bio from a The Tuscaloosa News article 1929; bio entitled June 4, 1882-December 7, 1962; obit dated December 9, 1962, for said individual; obit for Reverend William Fletcher Barnes, father of Largus.

 Barnes Family: a thirty-eight (38) page document Northport, Alabama, Community Achievement Contest 1955-1956 by the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. The document gives an excellent account of Northport history, discussing the civic needs of the community; news article on Northport Housing Chief, William Fletcher Barnes; obit William Fletcher Barnes dated December 24, 1999; articles on Miss Mary Emma Barnes and her work with Williamson Cemetery; obit for Mrs. Largus F. Barnes dated March 3, 1945; bio on Mary Emma Barnes; other news articles.

Barnett, James S.: news article dated February 28, 1960, regarding retirement; obit for Mrs. John S. Barnett dated January 13, 1964; FHN Newsletter February 2001—Trannie Barnett (1894-1990), a lady that operated the City Cafe in late World War II years.

Barrett: a twenty-four (24) page history of genealogical information on the Barrett family.

Barringer/Swink House: a personal letter dated August 20, 2001, from Marvin Harper to Larry and Donna Davis. They were the then-current owners of said house on 5th Street.

Battle, Searcy: obit dated October 6, 2007.

Bealle, Reverend John T. (dob January 29, 1859); article entitled “Veteran Preacher”; Bealle residence 2114 13th Street; FHN Newsletter Fall issue 997 article regarding Rev. Bealle;  obit for Louise Bealle dated March 19, 1997; John Thomas Bealle.

Bean, Asa Howard: news article dated October 15, 1997, regarding this Northport philanthropist; Old Tuscaloosa County Magazine Issue No. 35; obit for Josephine May Bean dated December 2, 1996; obit for Dr. Billie Sue Brown dated February 24, 1996.

Beavers, J. W.: obit dated September 21, 1973.

Bell Family: FHN Newsletter May 1, 2000, regarding Charles Patton Bell; obit for Frances Bell dated February 3, 1998; abstract titles for lots in Bellwood, one of the first planned subdivisions in Alabama; obit for John R. Bell; announcement for the admission to practice accounting for Richard P. Bell, CPA, May 1, 1956; news article February 23, 1972, John B. Bell; obit Richard Bell dated March 23, 1989; Frances Louise Bell; obit Mrs. Jennie Archibald Bell dated April 4, 1925; Weekend History Notes June 18, 1972 “The Pioneer Bell Family”; Bailey Patton Bell; Bell genealogy graphs.

Benson, Shirley: genealogy graphs of said family; handwritten letter to Marvin Harper giving the Benson family and Shirley family connection; a CD of Benson family photographs.

Blackburn-Holley House: located 2820 5th Street, the house was built circa 1912 by N. H. Holley and his wife Rachel; the file gives the story of the restoration of the structure.

Bodiford: personal letter dated October 3, 2003, to Marvin Harper from Mary Hornell Bodiford; information regarding the old location of Northport City Hall and Police Department upstairs above Lamb’s Barber Shop.

Bolton: funeral notice for Seth Bolton dated June 16, 1874; notice of burial of Mr. and Mrs. Ramsom Bolton in Robertson Cemetery.

Bond, Dr. William: a bio of his life and an advertisement for his chiropractic office in Tuscaloosa; a FHN Newsletter dated February (the year is not given) giving the history of the 1938-built Holman house (Albert and Sally) on 21st Avenue adjacent to Bellwood.

Boone, Issac (Ike) Morgan: FHN Newsletter entitled “a baseball legend” February 2002; Tuscaloosa News article dated July 27, 1958.

Booth: FHN Newsletter February 2002 regarding Bessie Booth (1893-1994); 100th birthday notice; news articles regarding James “Sonny” L. Booth, Jr.; news articles and tributes to Dr. James L. Booth, Sr.; FHN Newsletter Fall 1997 issue regarding Bessie Ford Booth;  Booth genealogy; Weekend History Notes October 30, 1971; FHN Newsletter March 1991 regarding Dr. James L. Booth.

Bowen, Dock M.: obit dated November 3, 1997; multiple news articles regarding said individual’s service as Chief of Police in Northport; photos of Northport police and city officials.

Bowers, Corrine (1908-2008): obit for said individual dated April 4, 2008.

Boyd family: FHN Newsletter February 2002 regarding Boyd family history; obit for Richard R. Boyd dated January 2, 2007; 1996 news article Hayse Boyd’s antique automobiles.

Brandon, Alabama Governor William W.: news article regarding the said individual; news article regarding Brigadier General Robert N. Tyson, grandson of Governor Brandon.

Brewer, James (Jamie): personal correspondence to Marvin Harper from said individual regarding a move from Lockport, New York to Northport.

Bridges, Bessie: news article regarding said individual.

Brown: genealogy of Rev. Daniel Brown;  funeral notice for Rev. John Brown dated March 11, 1878; funeral notice for Mrs. Lou T. Brown dated October 29, 1872; funeral notice for Mrs. Rachel Brown dated June 15, 1872; funeral service program for Elizabeth Jane Brown dated June 7, 2000; undated Weekend History Notes about the Jackson Brown family; obit for Dr. Billie Sue Brown

Brunette, Lt. Commander Peter J.: obit for said individual dated January 31, 1983.

Bucks family: letter of inquiry regarding burials of Bucks in Williamson Cemetery.

Burgess family: the 100th anniversary celebration and history of the Lone Cherry Baptist Church in Mangham, Louisiana. It was founded in 1897; the Burgess family was one of the founding families; poems and remembrances by Lorene E. Burgess; Burgess family history.

Burns, Lewis “Fisher”: Weekend History Notes from July 11, 1972, regarding said individual, a descendent of slaves; article regarding Alexandra Rose Burns’ marriage to Samuel Christopher McCune. Wedding photographs were made at Historic Shirley Place.

Burnum, Susie Mosely: news article regarding said individual, a piano teacher still teaching at age ninety (90).

Burroughs, Annette: obit for said individual dated April 19, 2008.

Campbell house (Maxwell-Campbell house): September 28, 1997 news article regarding said house built circa 1893 at northeast corner of Main Avenue and Park Street; FHN Newsletter June 1995.

Cannon family: news article regarding Issac Cannon (dob 1792).

Cardwell family: genealogy sheets regarding said family.

Carlson: Mrs. Jean Carlson, Northport Citizen of the Year, FHN Newsletter February 2003.

Carnathan, Margaret Jureda: news articles regarding said individual.

Causey, Andrew O’Neal: obit dated June 25, 2001, for said individual.

Chambers, Mike: FHN Newsletter November 2007.

Channell family: obit for James “Jimmy” Channell dated October 7, 2006; news articles about interior design; obit for Mrs. Vero Hilburn Channell dated May 8, 1969, and order of worship for her funeral service.

Chappell, Russ: news article dated March 16, 1975, about said individual.

Chestnut, James Robert: obit dated August 27, 1997, about said individual.

Childress, John Robert: letter of inquiry regarding said individual.

Chism family: genealogy of the Chism-Laycock family; FHN Newsletter August 2002 regarding Leon Chism’s singing schools; May 1970 political advertisement for reelection of Nathan Chism, sheriff of Tuscaloosa County; obit for Mrs. Ruth Chism dated February 6, 1980; FHN Newsletter August 2002—Leon Chism singing schools.

Christian family: article regarding James Christians service in the War of 1812; FHN Newsletter November 2000 regarding Bill Christian; Week-end History Notes  (date not given); obit for Milton Stancel Christian dated April 19, 1980; photo of Thomas William Christian and George William Christian; Dawson Christian male citizen of year 1979; William Lewis Christian; obit for John Christian dated January 18, 1998; obit for John Mandeville Christian dated October 29, 2000; obit for George Christian II dated December 19, 1991; obit for Dr. Raymond Christian dated July 19, 1972; article in Young Alabamian regarding A. D. Christian; Big Mama Christian—(1860-1942) FHN Newsletter Summer 1997.

Christian, Emma: obit for said individual dated June 27, 1963; photo of said individual; FHN Newsletter May 2000, and photo, regarding restoration of Wash and Emma Powell Christians home (built 1926) on 5th Street; a 1911 book Standard Classification grading and dressing rules for Yellow Pine Timber; descendants of Emma Lee Powell Christian (1871-1963) and Washington “Wash” Christian (1865-1943).

Christian, James “Jim”: Christian family tree; photos of said individual; enlistment into the US Army July 24, discharged April 15, 1919; warranty deed from W. F. Vice and Mattie Vice to James Christian dated March 31, 1926; mortgage papers of James Christian to Neicie Robertson dated April 15, 1952.

Cleary, Mrs. Warren E.: obit for said individual, date not given.

Clements family: FHN Newsletter May 2003 giving family history of said family; FHN Newsletter February 2000 giving history of said family; FHN Newsletter November 2002 giving history of Clements House; 91st birthday announcement for Thomas F. Clements dated July 22, 1976; obit for James Houston Clements dated April 25, 2004; 1885 announcement of the marriage of J. Rufus Clements to Katie Rice; family history of Gabriel Clements (dob circa 1796);correspondence about and list of descendants of William Thomas Clements and Mary Frances Adams; abstract of title to 7 acres in N. E. corner Section 16, Township 21, Range 10 S West complete to July 22, 1939, from December 2, 1931; news articles on Clements family line; Issac Lee Clements home restoration; bio and articles regarding Woodrow W. “Foots” Clements; discovery of coins dated to early 1800s buried since ? 1860s; photos; genealogy of twenty-one southern families—Allen, Bennett, Brazeale, Clements, Cobb, Cole, Collins, Davis, Duncan, Edwards, Floyd, Kilgore, Mahan, Mayfield,  Mitchell, Pryor, Stinson, West, Wilson; 1997 Tax Ownership Map of Northport; excerpts from The Tuscaloosa Times 1881-1886; obit for Una Clements dated November 5, 1997; news article Edith Clements; genealogy graphs for Jacob Clements (1775-1846) and Manning E. Clements (1801-not given).

Clements, Woodrow “Foots” Wilson: photos of said individual’s parents and of other family members; March 6, 1989, article from Alabama Business Hall of Fame regarding said individual; $250,000 gift to new Tuscaloosa County High School building campaign November 14, 1998; greetings from President Ronald Reagan dated October 17, 1984. People Magazine September 1986. Numerous news articles.

Clinton, Bernice Blackshere:  obit for said individual dated March 12, 2007.

Cole family: funeral announcement for Littleton Cole dated August 7, 1871; Tuscaloosa News article May 1942 announcing Houston Cole as Executive Director of the Alabama Defense Council.

Collins, family: news articles regarding Tuscaloosa Mayor Earnest “Rainey” Collins dated July 22, 1976, February 2, 1977, and November 9, 2004; obit for Curtis Collins dated February 1, 1998; FHN Newsletter August 14, 2001 regarding William Tullie Collins long-term postmaster of Northport.

Comer, Hugh: obit (not dated but states dob June 9, 1892 and died at age 70).

Comerford family: photo in front of Comerford home prior to 1905; a listing of dates of birth and death for P. P. Comerford, Sarah P. Comerford, Malissie C. Comerford, Margaret M. Comerford, Philip F. M. Comerford and Malissa C. Hardin; news article of death of Frank Comerford and work as blacksmith.

Cook,  Mary: Weekend history notes (date not given) mentions several early Northport settlers. Mary Cook was the first wife of David McGee (dob July 25, 1763) and is believed to be the mother of all fifteen (15) of his children. McGee settled in the North River area circa 1819.

Cook family: bulletin from worship service of Northport First United Methodist Church dated November 5, 2006, noting a memorial gift in memory of Robert and Sarah Cook, the original donors of the property on which the church is located;  news article on wedding of Henrietta Virginia Parker and John Sidney Cook, III dated June 26, 1976.

Cooper family: FHN Newsletter May 2001 regarding family line of James Cooper and Debbie Owens Cooper who arrived Tuscaloosa County in the 1820s; an account of the murder of Reverend Tom Cooper on Sunday, October 22, 1911; Cooper family line charts; listing of Coopers buried in Williamson Cemetery; bio of Jerry R. Cooper; Weekend History Notes dated August 1971 regarding the John Cooper landmark, a house in the Echola Community and Francis Cooper (born August 31, 1834).

Copeland, Daniel: undated photo.

Corbin: news article dated March 21, 1990, announcing the engagement of Teresa Corbin to Johnny Ellis.

Cowden, James: news article announcing said individual as co-chairman of Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society Heritage Week in April 1975.

Cribbs, Daniel: bio of said individual (dob May 8, 1800); became first stoneware manufacturer in Alabama (on Jug Factory Road in Tuscaloosa).

Crossland family: Weekend History Notes (date not given) giving an account of the 1868 murder of the newly elected Alabama House of Representative Meredith Taylor (M. T.) Crossland in Echola; Crossland genealogy sheets.

Crowder, Dr. Montgomery: obit for said individual dated July 14, 1982.

Crummie, Annie V.: news article dated October 31, 1975, regarding said individual’s being awarded the 1975 Tuscaloosa County Leadership Award.

Crump, “Judge” Thomas B.: news article dated February 23, 1971, regarding said individual affectionately known as the “goober-parching man,” a longstanding downtown institution on Tuscaloosa sidewalks; obit for said individual dated October 16, 1979.

Cummins, Samuel and Robert: the two brothers arrived in Northport in the 1840s; copies of pages from the book History of Alabama; Weekend History Notes of October 30, 1971, regarding said individuals; article from West Alabama Breeze dated October 10, 1900, regarding Misses Sarah and Cora Cummins.

Cummings: a letter from Barbara Palmer Boyd telling of the donation of an 1890 coverlet made by Cora Jane Cummings to the Northport Museum. The file also includes the family history of the Robert L. Cummings, Sr. family.

Curry-Christian: FHN Newsletter August 10, 1999, regarding John Hill Curry (dob November 4, 1902); news article regarding said individual and his July 4th tradition of Brunswick stew; news articles regarding family members; obit for said individual dated July 23, 1994; news article dated December 20, 1976, regarding Jane Patton Curry; article dated November 26, 1975, regarding Sallie Curry; genealogy regarding Lucille Curry Christian.

Dantz, Mr. and Mrs. Leo: news article and photo dated December 2, 1975, showing the donation of a Webster’s New International Unabridged Dictionary to Crestmont Elementary School.

Darden family: obit for Rose Stivender Darden dated September 21, 1990; address given by M. L. Roberts at David Darden’s funeral January 6, 1997; obit for James Howard Darden dated August 14, 2000; letters from Marvin Harper to Darden family members urging membership in FHN; bio for Dr. William Howard Darden; obit for Dr. William H. Darden dated January 2, 2001; FHN Newsletter dated May 2001, giving Darden genealogy; family history sheets; obit dated January 4, 1997, for David L. Darden; obit for Katherine Darden dated June 29, 1975; FHN Newsletter—Flatwoods farmers, the Dardens have provided Northport with many political leaders.

Davis, John: news article dated May 29, 1988, regarding said individual, a longstanding member of the Northport Planning and Zoning B00oard.

Deason family: FHN Newsletter article and family photo in November 1999 issue; members of family pose in front of Christian-Faucett Store circa 1880; obit dated June 28, 1975, for George Deason; FHN Newsletter Summer 1997—Arnold Omar Deason; FHN Newsletter August 2000, Historic Deason house saved.

Dee, Annie Ross: news article dated October 1, 1989 regarding said individual and the weaving process; obit for said individual dated November 16, 1991.

de Graffenried family: news article dated June 13, 1979, about father and son, Ryan de Graffenried Sr., and Jr..

Dillard family: a Birmingham telephone number for a John Dillard; obit dated October 8, 1966, for James Virgil Dillard; genealogy record for James Dillard (dob 1804) and wife Mary; genealogy for Dillard-Archibald-Shirley; personal letters; photo Eddie Macon Brittain and Willie Green Dillard; typed list of ancestors of Dorcas Elizabeth Dillard.

Dixon, Clara Morrison: personal letters dated December 2005 acknowledging donation of Dixon family photos to the Northport Heritage Museum; an account of said individual’s father, Edison C. Morrison and his experiences in World War I

Dobbins, Virginia: news article dated January 24, 1979; said individual awarded the United Way Volunteer of the Year for 1978.

Dodson, William Rufus (1829-1924): personal letters from William H. Dodson M. D. of Birmingham giving Dodson family history.

Dominick, Circuit Judge W. Aubrey: news article about said individual dated December 15, 1976.

Drummond, Lew: news article dated October 11, 1995, about said individual as Northport Citizen of the Year for 1996.

Duckworth family: news article and photo dated June 18, 1972, showing five members of four generations of the said family—J. A. Duckworth, John Duckworth III, Clemson Duckworth, John Duckworth II,  George Duckworth; news article dated October 17, 1971, regarding Joe Duckworth, “Mr. Rotarian”; obit dated June 14, 1976 ,for Joseph A. Duckworth.

Dunn family: descendants of Winton Dunn. 

Dyer family: obit dated December 26, 2006, for Joseph B. Dyer; obit for Ruby Dell Dyer Belvin dated December 29, 2006; genealogy sheet for Dyer family; letter from Odell Dyer dated May 3, 1979; land grant April 1820 to Otis Dyer.

Earnest: Captain William G. Earnest. 

Edgeworth family: letter of inquiry regarding Charles Wesley Edgeworth and Jeanettie Mann Edgeworth and Nathaniel Edgeworth. No information in chart.

Espey, John Wiley: FHN Newsletter May 2007 about said individual.

Families: this file contains copies of several pages from the book History of Alabama. (The library contains more than one book with this title. Regrettably, the exact book sited in this file is a mystery.) Many families are mentioned and those with connections to Tuscaloosa County include: Toll H. Sudduth, born at Moore’s Bridge March 18, 1887; Benjamin David Strickland, born November 16, 1863, near Woodstock; Amos W. Reed, born 1867, was superintendent of the Big Sandy Coal and Iron Company at Cedar Cove near Tuscaloosa; Marion Lee Burchfield was active in developing coal mines in Kellerman (Tuscaloosa County); J. Coger Shepherd, born October 30, 1876, at Windham Springs; Mordecai Edward Doughty, M. D.  was born in Tuscaloosa County; William Pratt Archibald, born October 14, 1851, in Pleasant Ridge (Greene County); William Henry Sanders, M. D. was born July 9, 1838, in Tuscaloosa County; Richard H. Scrivner was born April 5, 1882, in Tuscaloosa County.

Fair family: the file contains typed accounts of news bits from The Tuscaloosa Times 1887-1891; in the August 6, 1890, issue notations of the deaths of Miss Sarah Fair and Mr. S. C. Fisher, both of Northport, are given; letter to Marvin Harper regarding James Hollis Fair and Mary Alice Elmore Fair who are buried int the Robertson Cemetery.

Families miscellaneous: articles regarding the following families—Adams, Atkins, Barnett, Benson, Booth, Brown, Burgess, Clements, Darden, Davis, Deacon, Finnell, Franklin, Hagler, Harper, Hitt, Hughes, Jobson, Kennedy, Laycock, McDaniel, McKinney,  Mitchell, Morrison, Oswalt, Pate, Pearson, police officers, Prewitt, Rodgers, Shipp, Shirley, Skidmore, Snider, Spiller, Sullivan, Teer, Vail, Weir. BEGINNING WITH FILE 115, THE NEXT GROUP OF FILES ARE LOCATED IN DRAWER TWELVE (12)

Family coat of arms: families noted include: Archibald; Harper; Shirley.

Faucett, Gwendolyn Dyer: news article about said individual regarding “pillars of community” dated December 18, 1996, and April 20, 2005; tribute by great granddaughter Drew Phillips; bio from interview of said person by Renee S. Giangrosso dated March 10, 1997.

Faucett family: FHN Newsletter of August 1999 regarding Sam Palmer Faucett, Sr. (1861-1928); obit for Eugenia Patton (Pat) Faucett dated April  10, 2006; Northport families and their relationship to public office—Shirley, Faucett, Christian, Darden, Rice, Richardson, Rose, Quarles and Palmer; family linage chart prepared by Mildred Elizabeth Black Faucett in 1981; obit for S. P. Faucett, Jr. dated October 16, 1986; obit for James Swann dated December 16, 1996; death notices for George Christian Faucett dated January 8, 1962 and Olga LeFebvre Faucett dated October 29, 1986; news article reporting the home of Lewis M. Faucett was robbed June 3, 1972 and a subsequent news article of the trial of the robbers; news articles from August 24, 1949;  news photos of Christian Faucett Store post 1880, Dr. S. T. Hardin’s Drug Store circa 1905; obit for John Paul Faucett dated January 4, 2009; FHN Newsletter August 1999—Faucett and Northport.

Faucett, Sarah: the file contains an envelop with several photographs—sixteen have no identification; those that are identified include: Lola Rice Anderson House on Main Avenue (next to First National Bank);  Gulf States Paper Corporation; Jack Warner home in Pinehurst; Northport Water Tank; “swimming hole” Hargrove Creek near airport; Meriweather Richardson Hamner; Ellie Hamner (sister-in-law to said individual); said individual in her classroom at Tuscaloosa County High School; Northport Study Club (Sarah Faucett, Nida Anders, Martha Alexander, Janie Bell Darden, Myrtle Maxwell, _________Darden, Mary Herman, Rose Darden; Blanch Hamner Holston; Marjorie Hamner; obit for said individual dated May 2, 2005.

Finch, Tina:   see Koster file. 

Findley family: genealogy sheet for husband Stephen Stone and wife Tranquilla Cherokee Findley; genealogy sheet for husband Kenneth Findley and wife Katherine Murchison; genealogy sheet for husband Kenneth Findley and wife Sarah Moffitt; Docket of tavern licenses 1818-1832 Tuscaloosa County—October 7, 1824 Kenneth Findley, February 7, 1825, James McCulloh, March 2, 1825, William V. Burns; photo of home of Kenneth Murchison Findley; letter from Margaret Findley dated January 3, 2000, giving children of Lucy Virginia Keene and Stephen Stone; children of William Franklin Koster and Martha Elizabeth Hardin Koster; a list of Findley marriages, children born, and deaths, all from the family bible; copy of page from 1830 Federal census; obit for Dr. Lyman Findley dated January 24, 1997; news article regarding Dr. Lyman Findley’s death due to a falling tree hitting his truck as he drove during a tornado; very interesting article on the KKK; an article “An old hill, an old house, and old cemetery, and an old road”.

Finnell family: Colonel Woolsey Finnell, builder of the wooden railroad trestle across the Warrior River, the round cement water tank across from Druid City Hospital, the First Methodist Church Tuscaloosa; Colin Finnell made the original survey for the city of Tuscaloosa; an article about Woolsey Finnell from the Tuscaloosa Times 1898; handwritten letter from Woolsey Finnell’s wife, Susie, citing articles of family history; typed letter from Woolsey Finnell dated July 29, 1936, to his sister, Miss Lillian Finnell regarding local history; much genealogy material on Finnell family.

Fisher, Rayburn J., Sr. (1907-1994): resume of said individual written by his son, Rayburn J. Fisher, Jr.; said individual was teacher and coach at Tuscaloosa County High School 1930-1935; principal of Tuscaloosa County High School 1935-1939; superintendent of the Tuscaloosa County School System 1939-1943; entered US Navy 1943; wife of said individual was Miriam Boyd Fisher, a teacher at Tuscaloosa County High School. (letter from Marvin Harper dated June 2, 1998, states that the next FHN Newsletter would publish a story “The Purple Fruit Bowl.” That article needs to be found.”; funeral notice for Mary Emily Fisher dated February 14, 1873.

Fitch: FHN Newsletter November 2000 “The Bridge House” at 2414 Columbus Street, formerly known as the Koster-Mathis-Hall House.

Foster family: family lineage of husband John Collier Foster (1813-1892) and wife Georgia Ann Maharrey Foster (1826-1895); John Collier Foster was five (5) years old when the family moved to Fosters, Alabama (Tuscaloosa County); photo of John and Georgia Ann made by photographer W. E. McGee; some history of Grants Creek Baptist Church; several copies of typed Foster family history, but much of the typing is faded to the point of not being legible.

Freeman, Josiah Hawkins (1821-1895):  a typed account of said individual’s life reveals he was a resident of Northport 1854-1891. He wrote a number of religious articles portions of which are in the file; a reprint from History of Alabama (comments about said book are given earlier in this document) about Manning Freeman (no connection to Josiah Hawkins Freeman that I have discovered). Manning Freeman was instrumental in the opening of the Northport Bank in 1913; Weekend History Notes of October 30, 1971, gives account of James L. Freeman, S. M. Freeman and Manning Freeman; news article of his death (he was the father of Mrs. Dr. Williamson); undated news article stating the move of the L. P. Freeman to Texas.    

Fretwell, Harvey: letters exchanged between Harvey Fretwell and Marvin Harper in 1984 relating to Fretwell’s election to Northport City Council.

Friedman, Morris l.; news article dated October 11, 1970. Said individual was a collector of old written or printed materiel about Tuscaloosa. He was co-owner with Lee Black and Ike Winston in operating a men’s store (Black, Friedman, and Winston) in Tuscaloosa.

Garner, Dean: correspondence between Marvin Harper and Lloyd Gohn regarding the death of Dean Garner of AIDS on January 2000.

Gerdau, Merle Dennis: obit for said individual dated July 16, 2008.

Goode, Edith Roberts: obit for said individual dated January 3, 2007.

Graham, Mary Ruth: obit for said individual dated April 7, 2007.

Greene family: news article about Roy and Angie Greene celebrating seventy (70) years of marriage; obit for Wilma S. Greene dated April 2, 2008.

Gregg, James M.; obit for said individual dated May 13, 2008.

Gregory family: notation of burial site for Earl D. Gregory, buried January 1, 1972.

Griffith, Myrtle Greene: obit for said individual.

Guild, Dr. James, Sr.: reprint of an article in the June 14, 1876, issue of The Tuscaloosa Times. He was the sole surviving member of eighty-five who joined the Tuscaloosa Masonic fraternity in 1821.

Hagler family: photos of—Edwina Hagler Aldredge, Marie Hagler and Marie Lucille Hagler, John Aldridge, Mrs. Elizabeth Hamner Hagler, James M. Hagler, Betsy Elizabeth Cooper, Johnson Prewitt, Willie Hagler (1875), Wiley (1880), John Wiley Hagler; FHN Newsletter May 2000 regarding descendents of Wiley Alexander Hagler who migrated to Tuscaloosa County in the 1830s; statement for services rendered by Dr. Edward Cleveland Hagler (born 1879) to W. W. White dated December 31, 1913,in the amount of $12.00; a listing of marriage connections among the Finnell, Hagler, Rice, Savage, Mayfield families; a typed account of the Hagler family genealogy; Weekend history notes regarding the Hagler family (date not given); 1850 agricultural census of Tuscaloosa County; obit for Dr. John W. Hagler (son of Dr. E. C. Hagler) date not given; obit for Edwina Aldredge dated December 27, 1995; obit for John Thomas Aldredge date not given; ledge from W. A. Hagler’s accounting book for 1869; obit for Alene Rice Hagler dated May 24, 2008;  obit for Ruby Hagler dated July 10, 1978.

Haley family:  notations from the 1850 census about Mary Haley and James Haley.

Hall, George Dr.: dedication of the George W. Hall, M. D. Heritage Marker; funeral notice for Lavenia B. Hall dated December 8, 1892; bio of Dr. Hall; copy of article from the book History of Alabama regarding Dr. Hall;  Weekend History Notes dated November 7, 1971; FHN Newsletter February 2000 regarding said individual.

Hamner, Maj. Gen. George: a multiple page typed record of “Hamner Heritage”; descendants of Turner Hamner, Sr. (1795-1851) and Nancy Ann Moore Hamner; family research done by Carrie Hamner Brown (Mrs. Pelham D. Brown);  bio sketch of Thomas J. Hamner, Jr., son of T. J. Hamner, Sr. and Virgie Daffron Hamner, who spent almost fifty years directing high school bands; news article dated May 9, 1990, noting Maj. Gen. George F. Hamner citizen of the year for 1990; multiple other news article regarding Maj. Gen. George Hamner; undated article regarding William (Willie) Monroe Hamner and Lillie Shirley Hamner; obit for Mrs. Lucy E. Hamner dated October 9, 1904; letter dated April 10, 1969, from Ed. D. Hamner giving information about Nicholas Hamner born 1703 in Wales and came to America at an early age and died 1789. Info given of the Hamners in England and Wales; info on Edna Snyder Hamner Deason; bio of Maj. Gen. George F. Hamner.

Hamner family: FHN newsletter November 2004;  pedigree chart for Ms. Claire Morrison Dixon; obit for Roy T. Hamner dated June 30, 1975;  several letters of correspondence regarding various members of the Hamner family; a multi-page typed account of the family of Nicholas Hamner; obit for Mrs. Ruth L. Hamner dated August 10, 1972; wedding announcement dated June 4, 1967, for Lt. Richard Miller Hamner and Marian Elaine Waller; undated obit for S. W. Hamner (age eighty-four, born February 11, 1850); obit for J. Prewitt Hamner dated December 231, 1969; obit dated February 20, 1967, for Sgt. John A. Hamner  (killed in Vietnam); obit dated May 25, 1966, for T. J. Hamner, Sr.; obit for Mrs. Pelham Devereaux Brown dated May 13, 1964; obit for Mary Hamner Fowler dated April 4, 1975; news article on Alvin Hamner dated August 18, 1972; obit for Miss Ella Hamner dated November 5, 1970; letter dated September 25, 1892 from J. W. Hamner at Five Mile, Hale County, Alabama to his brother D. T. Hamner; news article dated August 20, 1976, regarding Dr. Robert D. Hamner; family history of Turner Hamner, Jr.; copies of pages from Hamner Heritage regarding Guy Hamner. 

Hamner-Harper: an in-depth typed history of the lineage of the Hamner family as reported to Mrs. Pelham Devereaux Brown (Carrie Sloan Hamner) and transcribed in 1999.

Hamner family (John Cole): correspondence between Marvin Harper and John Cole; Weekend History Notes on Harper family, date not given; certificate to marry for Richard Hamner and Martha Harper dated April 13, 1886; Hamners in the 1850 Tuskaloosa County Census; pages copied from The Hamner Genealogy: The Descendants of Turner Hamner complied by Miss Ruth Hamner, Talladega, Alabama 1968; Jennings Chapel United Methodist Church history; obit dated September 11, 1907, stating that Harper Hamner died at age thirty-five (35) and while being buried his father John S. Hamner, age eighty-seven (87) suddenly dropped dead at the grave of his son.

Hardin family: FHN Newsletter February 2001 regarding Hardin brothers Joseph and Elijah migrated to the area before 1830; FHN Newsletter May 1999 regarding Dr. Samuel T. Hardin (1877-1949); funeral announcement for Grover Hardin dated September 4, 1888; payments for Heritage Honor Roll by Sara H., Wells, Kathryn H. Sweeney and George H. Homich; a typed fifty-two (52) page account of Jonathan Hardin (c. 1730-c. 1814) and his descendants by Diane Hardin Norton, 1999;  article regarding James William Hardin (“Mr. Pete, the chewing gum man”); obit for Jack Hardin (founder of Hardin’s Bakery February 1, 1900) dated April 9, 1924;  family tree of Bethenia Giles Hardin; obit for Mrs. Susie Deason Hardin dated November 5, 1972.

Hargrove family: a letter of inquiry about said family.

Harless: photos of—Harless Fruit Stand and Repair Shop on 8th Street Tuscaloosa; an unidentified soda fountain; unidentified police officers; Coach Eubanks (Tuscaloosa County High School teacher and coach during the 1950s; Edgar Harless, bus driver; whiskey still in Northport; Samuel Edgar Harless; June Robertson and moonshine; Buddy Robbins; 1939 boys home economic class at Tuscaloosa County High School; police placing body in ambulance; undated news article showing police in training. Sam Harless is identified on the front row; October 17, 1955 photo of Northport Courtesy Patrol (Bruce Foster, Bobby Miller, Wayne Bowen, Billy Brandon, Dwight Beck and Paul Roulaine.

Harper, Marvin: numerous news articles about said individual.

Harrison, Rickey: news article about said individual dated June 4, 2003.

Hassell family: FHN Newsletter May 2007 regarding George Hassell, Viola Edwards Bagwell and Martha Ann Christian Hassell; bio of Lavenia Baines Hassell; bio of Elizabeth Hassell Hatch; FHN Newsletter March 1999 regarding Harriet Hassell (1911-1970); undated obit for John D. Hassell; FHN Newsletter February 2003—Lavenia Baines Hassell.

Hasson, Robert (1921-1996): FHN Newsletter May 2001 regarding said individual; obit for said individual dated February 27, 1996; a list of accomplishments of said individual

Hatchell, Rev. and Mrs. Carol T.: news article dated March 1991 regarding said individuals’ work with the Tuscaloosa County Baptist Association 1953-1974.

Heath, Amelia: lead article in August/September 2008 issue of Prime Life Style of Alabama is about said individual.

Hendrix, Beasey S.: obit for said individual dated June 8, 2005.

Hill: wedding invitation to the marriage of Corrie Mae Hill to James Albert Howell June 30, 1926.

Hinton family (African American): Leonard Tyrone Hinton certificate of graduation from Druid High School dated June 1978; Ora Pearl Hinton teacher’s certificate for Chicago Public Schools dated June 25, 1971; State of Alabama House of Representatives Resolution HR 599 dated May 9, 2001, commending Mrs. Bedella Hinton Richardson for outstanding service to Tuscaloosa County.

Hinton, Jimmy: news article about said individual dated October 29, 1972.

Hinton, Mayor Snow (1918-1976): news articles about his life and death, including his funeral on May 18, 1976.

Hobson, Jack: bio of said individual dated June 23, 1996.

Hodnette, Dorothy Chiles: obit for said individual dated September 14, 2008.

Hollyhand, Doug: FHN Newsletter May 2001 regarding said individual.

Holman, Albert: 1935 telegram wishing said individual a Happy Birthday; personal letter from Sally and Tom dated July 21, 1936; sight seeing brochure of Quebec dated August 24, 1936; White Apple Village of the Natchez Indians; FHN Newsletter October 1996 regarding Albert Holman Lumber Company, founded in 1911 as Holman Hughes Lumber Company; news article dated August 24, 1949; obit for Richard P. Holman dated February 26, 1996; bio of Albert Holman (1879-1963); tour outline for the Albert Holman Lumber Company; photo of entrance to Albert Holman Lumber Company office; FHN Newsletter February 2000 Bond family making Holman their home.

Holley family: FHN Newsletter August 1999 regarding Nathaniel Glazier Holley and wife Ida Frances Quarles Holley; obit for Nathaniel Morgan Holley dated June 26, 1948; bio on Rachel Geary Holley; undated obit for Mrs. Rachael Holley; notes on Holley houses in Northport.

Howard, Janice: FHN Newsletter August 2002.

Hudson, Susie McLester Hudson: funeral notice for said individual, daughter of James A. and June McLester, dated October 5, 1886.

Hulgan, H. C.: part of an undated obit for said individual. He retired as Northport Fire Chief in 1970.

Hulsart, Dexter: news article dated March 17, 1971 regarding Hulsart Lumber Company.

Hughes family: a report of the 2003 Bethany Hughes reunion. The program was arranged by Dr. George Hughes. Mrs. Grace Hughes Dockery Case, daughter of B. B. Hughes and her son Rusty Dockery, attended; Hughes News issues dated February 2000, July 2001 and February 2001; genealogy sheets for Anthony Hughes and David Volena Mills Hughes; copies of family records from family Bibles; obit for Miss Sallie Mills dated March 11, 1885; Civil War military account of the Hughes brothers; Confederate Army record of father and uncles of Joesph Lee Hughes written by B. M. Hughes June 1924; Weekend History Notes dated March 5, 1972; Weekend History Notes undated; photo of Mrs. E. T. Hughes.

Hunter, Mrs. Marvin: news article about said individual dated July 11, 1964. The article has some history of the Union Chapel United Methodist Church.

Inge, Thomas of Braunston County, Leicester, England: genealogy sheets of said individual dating to 1547; children of Richard Inge (1754-1833—died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama) Mary Sturdivant Inge; typed excerpts from letters written by Mary Jane Inge of Tuscaloosa, to her fiance, Dr. Casimer Alonzo Landrum of Milton, Florida. The letters provide interesting facts about the city at the time. They were married in Christ Episcopal Church of Tuscaloosa in January 1881.

Ivery, Cleola: undated news article about said individual. It tells many interesting things about this African American former school teacher in Northport. Use in book

Jackson, Sam: news article about said individual, owner of Sam Jackson’s Emporium.

Jemison, Robert:  a historical statement of the responsible views of Senator Robert Jemison, Jr., Congress of the Confederate States of America, largest landowner in the Secessionist Convention of Alabama. Use in book; invitation to funeral of Mrs. Robert Jemison, Jr. dated May 31, 1886; bio of Robert Jemison by Camille Elebash condensed from an article in Alabama Heritage Magazine.

Jenkins family: bio on James Jenkins; an unkept family cemetery and old plantation site near the intersection of US Highway 43 and Flatwoods Road on land owned by Mrs. Ruby Smith, a 7th grade teacher at Tuscaloosa County High School in the 1950s; survey of Jenkins Cemetery done by Chuck Gerdau May 7, 2000; correspondence between Marvin Harper and Helen Swanson and Mavin Harper and R. E. Hays of Memphis, Tennessee; FHN Newsletter November 2000; copies of deed abstracts to some of Jenkins’ property; certificate of Thomas Jenkins’ service in the West Tennessee Militia in the War of 1812; news article dated February 11, 1963, about Robert and Volena Jenkins; Last Will and Testament of James Jenkins dated May 1, 1829; marriage records of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama 1823-1860; genealogy of descendants of James Jenkins.

Jobson family: undated photo of Jody Jobson; news article dated December 23, 2009, regarding Mildred Norris Jobson.

Johnson: news article dated April 14, 1976, regarding Sam Johnson and his mule; undated mews article regarding Mary Ellen MacArthur Johnson, a delegate to 1976 Democratic Presidential Convention.

Jones: FHN Newsletter May 1999 regarding Betty and Nannie Jones; family tree of Fletcher Jones (1817-1864) and Mary Jane Hardin;  photo of William Fletcher Jones (1854-1905) and Nancy Isabella Jones (1862-1941); Mary J. Jones’ application for Confederate widows’ support dated June 23, 1898; certificate of land grant to Fletcher Jones dated June 1, 1858, signed by President James Buchanan; letter written December 26, 1863, by Fletcher Jones to his wife, Mary Jane, during the Civil War; connection between the Palmer family and William Fletcher Jones; obit for Dr. Walter B. Jones dated May 4, 1977; a floppy disc labeled “Jones.”

King: undated obit for Mrs. Una King Stowers.

Kirk, A. A., Mayor of Northport: ordinance No. 18 regarding fixing the privilege taxes for the year 1911.

Kirkland, Hugh Howard: obit dated August 3, 2001.

Koster: descendants of Sylvester Orville Koster (1882-1956); copy of warranty deed from Amie B. Lawrence to W. F. Koster dated November 17, 1898; Last Will and Testament of William F. Koster dated September 11, 1937; obit for Margaret Shirley Koster dated November 10, 1999; tax receipt for years 1948-1952; receipts of W. F. Koster for the years 1895, 1898 and 1901; photo of house at 2414 5th Street. One photo was made in 1915, and the other in 2000; a typed history of 2414 5th Street including an account of the murder of Seth Bolton, John Christian, Powell Bolton, William Henderson, and Jesse Bolton (possibly use in book);  Louli Koster Mathis is daughter of W. F. Koster; The Bridge House tells history of the house at 2414, 5th Street and other residents of 5th Street; Last Will and Testament of Mary Ann Shirley dated December 5th 1870; abstracts of Warranty Deeds dating to March 2, 1819; Last Will and Testament of James D. Bell dated 1887.

Lambert, Alton: news article dated December 1, 1978, regarding said individual and the publication of four volumes The History of Tuscaloosa County. All four volumes are housed in the library at West Alabama Heritage Learning Center.

Land, Charles: undated comments made at the induction of said individual to the Tuscaloosa County Civic Hall of Fame.

Lancaster, Melanie: news article dated November 26, 1975, regarding the naming of said individual a 4-H Club national winner.

Landers: Jesse and Frances’ 60th wedding anniversary 2007.

Lanford, William H.: undated comments made at the induction of said individual to the Tuscaloosa County Civic Hall of Fame.

Lary family—Mitt (the father), Margaret Renzsch Lary (the mother), sons Joseph Milton Lary, Jr. (Joe), James Adolph Lary, Raymond Howard Lary, Edward Arnold Lary (Ed), Alfred Allen Lary (Al), Frank Strong Lary; Gene Lary; Mitt Lary family FHN Newsletter May 2004; undated FHN Newsletter written by Sabrina Lary Case, The Lary Family, Legend and Legacy; Tuscaloosa News article dated August 7, 1949; February 10, 1957, news article and photo of “Lary Day” in Northport. 

Laycock, Arthur (1862-1954):  bio of said individual; an undated list of Arthur Laycock descendants who are members of First United Methodist Church, Northport; photo and article of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Laycock celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary; news article dated June 3, 1997, regarding the relocation of a house built by Laycock that was being relocated from 10th Street to 25th Avenue; news article dated June 2, 1967, noting Max Laycock as a teenager in the war (? WWI); undated Weekend History Notes regarding the Laycock family; FHN Newsletter Summer 1997.

Lee, Issac (1776-1856) and Elizabeth (1792-before 1860): Lee plot in Old Robinson Cemetery; genealogy of said couple includes the following families: Skelton, Powell and Hagler.

Leonard, Thelma: news article regarding said individual dated October 14, 1972, and an undated news article; obit for said individual dated September 11, 1996.

Lesley family:  the first known Lesley to locate to Tuscaloosa County was James Lesley (born 1780s) in 1819; Federal census listings for Lesley for 1850, 1860 and 1880; James H. and Harriet Stradley married November 22, 1855; Newton Lesley and Sarah Ryan married November 6, 1857; Charles A. Lesley and Patience Noles married March 1841; Bethel Church agreed to build a church house on Lesley land in August 1822; Lesley family connection with the Thompson family; Sarah Malissa Lesley Harper; interview of Louis Lesley by Marvin Harper dated July 1962; a copy of the Lesley family Court of Arms; undated news article on Cole Lesley; April 3, 1975, obit for James Lesley; obit for Woodford Lesley, Sr. dated January 7, 1990; photo of John Bell Lesley (1860-1925) and Mary Ann Robertson Lesley (1859-1935).

Lee, Issac (1776-1856): Weekend History Notes February 20, 1972.

Lloyd family: genealogy regarding James Appleton Lloyd and Sarah A. Hicks Lloyd. Marvin Harper’s connection to the Lloyd family is through his great-great grandmother, Nancy Lloyd who married Samuel Harper June 10, 1784.

Lewis, Johnnie: obit for said individual dated September 18, 1996.

Lindsey family: FHN Newsletter November 2005; genealogy of the William Allen Lindsey and James Jamison Lindsey families; spotlight on the Lindsey-Stephens house at 616 26th Avenue, including info on Nancy Lindsey Stephens; photo of DAR Memorial regarding David Lindsey; FHN Newsletter November 2000.

Livaudais, A. A.: February 1, 1891, funeral notice for the said individual.

Mallisham,, Joseph: acknowledgment of his induction into the Tuscaloosa County Civic Hall of Fame.

Manderson, James Franklin “Red”: news article about said individual dated July 11, 1989; obit for said individual dated February 27, 1997.

Marr family: genealogy of said family who first settled in Stafford County, Virginia in 1699.

Martita: a free woman of color. The file contains a fantastic amount of information about this remarkable free woman of color and her marriage to a white man.

Maske, Reverend James C. and Velma Nolen Maske: bio of the said couple dated May 20, 1969. use in book

Maxwell family: postcards addressed to said family 1876; news article dated September 28, 1997, regarding preservation easements; funeral notice dated April 24, 1875 for Eddie Maxwell; bio of Ruby Belcher Maxwell; FHN Newsletter of November 1999 regarding Howard, Jimmy and Walter Maxwell; genealogy of Charles Robert Maxwell (1871-1929) and Julia Nichols Bell Maxwell (1870-1924); James Maxwell and politics and several articles related thereto; advertisement for E. W. Rodd and Sons, dealers in molasses and coffee; obit for James Maxwell dated March 5, 1976; handwritten letters among the Maxwell brothers dated 1864; bio on Richard Maxwell; genealogy sheets on Maxwell family; undated list of top ten endangered structures per Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society: (1) Marmaduke Williams House; (2) Owenwood; (3) Drish House; (4) Wesley Foundation; (5) Queen City Pool; (6) Maxwell-Peters; (7) 1511 University Blvd. ; (8) Brown’s Department Store; (9) Old Christian Science Reading Room; (10) Tuscaloosa Middle School; article “Maxwell Forebears”; letter to editor upon the death of Myrtle Maxwell; obit for Myrtle S. Maxwell, dated March 4, 1995; Matthew Clinton February 23, 1969, article on Sgt. James R. MaxwellSam Maxwell says goodby to Gulf States Paper Corp; index to abstract of title to part of Lot 141 of Helgren’s Survey in Northport; articles pertaining to the preservation of the Maxwell-Peters House; Dr. Elizabeth Maxwell speaks at the T.C.H.S. graduation May, 1967;  obit for Mrs. Bessie Maxwell dated August 19, 1972; obit for Walter Maxwell, dated May 6, 1980;  obit for Joseph Alexander Maxwell, Jr, dated February 16, 2008, news article regarding Maxwell-Campbell House; John Maxwell House—FHN Newsletter Summer 1997.

Maxwell-Peters House—paper by Jerry D. Ernsberger, Jr. and Dr. Jerry Oleshue, published May 8, 1995; 1999 Decorator Show house of said property; FHN Newsletter Summer 1998.

Maxwell, Lucy: an original handwritten letter by said individual dated July 22, 1851, along with a typed copy of same. File also has a floppy disc. BEGINNING WITH THE NEXT FILE, THE FILES ARE LOCATED IN DRAWER TWELVE (12).

Maxwell-Hamner house: news article of said house at 315 Main Avenue; Maxwell brothers article dated November 1, 1957; photo of said house.

Maxwell, Sam: history of Sam Maxwell house at 2315 7th Street, directly behind Northport Methodist Church; abstract of title for parts of lots 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 of Cooks Survey of Northport.  

May: FHN Newsletter November 2001 regarding Salenia May, a girl born to a former slave and reared by Henry P. May (1837-1940); Pickens Progressive Age Newspaper September 23, 1937, regarding Col. May Day with speaker William B. Bankhead as speaker; obit for Henry C. May dated May 30, 1972; undated article regarding celebration of Henry May’s 100th birthday; obit dated January 31, 1941, for Col. Henry P. May who died at age 103; FHN Newsletter February 2005 regarding H. C. May; article regarding Susie May; FHN Newsletter August 2005—Henry C. May (1875-1972).

Mayfield, George Hugh: FHN Newsletter November 1999 about said individual (use in book); undated obit for Miss Sara Mayfield; Robert Mayfield visit April 13, 1981; FHN Newsletter February 2000.

McBride, E. E.; news articles dated August 14, 1974, and August 31, 1974.

McCain, Margaret Gross: genealogy of John McCain and Mary (Polly) Moore Brown McCain; obit for Margaret McCain dated August 25, 2005.

McClendon: a booklet Antecedents written by Jane McClendon Ball in 1997 regarding—Sarah Sarima Hicks; Lou Ella Wood “Mac) McClendon; Maurine Powell McClendon; Robertson and John David Powell; Betty Jane McClendon Ball; FHN Newsletter November 2001 The McClendon family, Ashlen Chair Co. 

McDaniel: FHN newsletter regarding Sue McDaniel Spencer dated May 1999; FHN Newsletter dated November 2003 regarding Rev. William Griffin McDaniel and Ruth Smith Hammer McDaniel; FHN Newsletter dated November 2003 regarding World War II memoir by PFC Laura R. McDaniel; a book When the WACS Came Marching In by Laura McDaniel Young; there is also much information about the McDaniel family in the folder “Spencer.” 

McFarland: obit dated September 23, 2000, for Frances Morrow McFarland Johnson.

McGee: FHN Newsletter of February 2003 regarding John Wesley McGee; undated bio on Wiley McGee by Mike Sullivan; bio on Sam McGee dated April 2002; obit dated January 13, 2009, for Sam McGee; obit dated August 25, 1979, for Sampson D. McGee; bio on David McGee; undated news article on Sam McGee; undated “Weekend History Notes” on the Wiley McGee family; news article dated April 4, 1996, regarding the Alabama Historical Association.

McGown: letter of inquiry regarding Henry McGown, Jr.

McKinzey, Adrian: undated bio of said individual; Alabama High School Sports Hall of Fame seventh annual induction ceremony March 17, 1997 in which Coach McKinzey was inducted.

Medlen, Mrs. William: undated death notice

Merrill Estate: papers relating to the estate of Kenneth Merrill who was honorably discharged from the US Army 15 May,1945. There are a number of good photos showing war-front maps.

McLester: undated family information regarding said family background; news article regarding the death of James A. McLester.

Meadows, Paul G.: news article dated April 1972 giving account of said individual’s service as Chief of Federal Aviation Agency Flight Station at the Tuscaloosa Municipal airport.

Mills Family: archive genealogy record of James Mills (1769-1859) and Elizabeth Taylor Mills (1771-1853).

Miscellaneous families—burial notices: Asher, Olive (September 17, year not given); Bolton, Seth June 16, 1874;  Hudson, Mrs. Susie M.; Cole, Littleton August 7, 1871; Fisher, Mary Emily February 14, 1873; Livaudais, A. A. February 1, 1891; Neilson, Maria July 28, 1876; Self, Mattie April 9, 1878; Simpson, Roscoe September 20, 1870; Stanley, Mrs. L. T. October 16, 1875.

Miscellaneous families—news articles and obits: Brantly, Mrs. Mary. May 29, 1979; Carnathan, Mrs. Margaret Jureda date not given; Doyle, Mrs Minnie May 22, 1976; Echlert, Bernice date not given; Elliott, Mrs. Ruby September 13, 1979;  Fulton, Conrad H. September 26, 1979; Graham, Arvada date not given; Hallman, Mrs. Minnie May 1, 1974;Harper, Mary October 14, 1979; Kilgore, Ralph October 17, 1978; Little, Margaret December 20, 1991; Malone, Aileen March 7, 1979; Moore, J. Whitfield August 16, 1976; Smelley, Aaron February 21, 1976; Taylor, Dr. Hugh L. August 16, 1977; Yeuell, Ms. Gladstone H. August 20, 1972; Elliott, Mrs. Ruby September 13, 1979; Dole, Mrs. Minnie May 27, 1975; Carnathan, Mrs. Margaret Jureda date not given; Ehlert, Mrs. Bernice, date not given; Hallman, Mrs. Minnie, May 1, 1974; Yeuell, Mrs. Gladstone H. August 20, 1972; Taylor, Dr. Hugh August 16, 1977; Smelley, Aaron, February 21, 1976; Moore, J. Whitfield, August 16, 1976; Malone, Mrs. Aileen, March 7, 1979; Findley, Judge Herbert, October 17, 1978; Harper, Mrs. Mary, October 14, 1979.

Mitchell: FHN Newsletter August 2000, Community service of Mitchell family; obit for Robert Mitchell, dated July 28, 1986; Mrs. Victor Mitchell, Senior Citizens Queen, Earl Mitchell political ad; bio of Mrs. Estelle R. Mitchell.

Moody: article dated July 22, 1976, regarding the wedding of Dr. Maxwell Moody III and Shirley Metcalf; obit dated October 17, 1977, for Mrs. Frank M. Moody.

Moore family: FHN Newsletter February 2003 regarding the William Moore family; obit dated January 17, 2007, for Angie Moore Greene; articles from the Tuscaloosa Times 1894 regarding Tuscaloosa County Sheriff Elijah Moore; obit dated June 16, 2004, for James Ray Moore; obit dated March 15, 2001, for William J. Moore; article regarding Lige Moore house at 2106 Bellwood; FHN Newsletter May 2004 regarding Sheriff Lige Moore; March 24, 1972, article on Whitfield Moore; obit dated January 4, 2008 for Mrs. Vivian T. Moore; award notice dated January 19, 1975, for John D. Moore; undated news article noting death of Mrs. John Moore.

Moore-Robertson family connections: geologic records of said topic.

Morgan, Mrs. Pamela: undated death notice

Morrison, William Daniel: bio on said individual; speech by said individual regarding the river front area of downtown Northport; August 17, 1993, Northport City Council argument regarding the building of a levy along the Warrior River river bank.

Mouchette: undated news article Roland Mouchette, assistant manager of UA Band; obit dated November 21, 2002, for George B. Mouchette, Sr.; obit dated August 31, 1965, for Mrs. Mary Lesley Mouchette; undated obit for J. B. Mouchette;

Mullins, Ed: journalism professor at UA.

Neilson, Maria: funeral notice for said individual dated July 28, 1876.

Nichol, Judge Fred W.: June 20, 1971, article regarding said individual.

Noble, Joseph Wootton: funeral notice of said individual dated May 4, 1848.

Nolan, Mordecai: undated death notice. Use in book as example of news articles regarding death.

Norris: news article regarding Jim Norris, dated December 6, 1959; deposit slip on The Northport Bank dated October 8, 1921; license from Internal Revenue to J. N. Norris M. D. of Samantha Route 1 to dispense opium; letter addressed to J. S. Norris enclosing the report of the records of the Board of Revenue of Tuscaloosa County Alabama from October 1, 1936-September 30, 1937; report on the death of Mrs. Carrie Norris (tells early history of Druid City Hospital); Norris home at 2209 5th Street Northport; use in book; personal letter from Randolph Norris regarding Theodore Trimmier, the subject of Hayse Boyd’s book Letters for Mary.

Northington, Ted: undated news article regarding said individual.

Norwood, Jane: obit dated November 10, 1997, regarding said individual.

Olmsted: genealogy information regarding Elisha Sage Olmsted (1826-1868); map of lots one through eleven on Bealle Street between Main Avenue and Academy Street; title search for John T. Bealle’s property on said street.

Oswalt: obit dated December 26, 2007, for Gary D. Oswalt; undated notice of 50th wedding anniversary for Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Oswalt.

Palmer: FHN Newsletter of March 1999 regarding Palmer family and the Palmer House; a list of Palmers elected to political office in this area; obit dated September 9, 1963, for Mrs. Curry Palmer; marriage records from 1877; the Palmer House, now home to Northport Heritage Museum; obit for Mrs. Rosalyn Palmer whose death occurred March 11, 2001; handwritten history of the Palmer family; genealogical history of descendants of Robert Palmer (circa 1662-1732); excerpts from The Tuscaloosa Times 1881-1886; the story of Joshua D. Palmer; obit dated June 21, 1994, for Clara Palmer; undated obit for S. T. Palmer; FHN Newsletter November 1998; Northport Heritage Honor Roll 2007 article regarding Ezekiel Joshua Palmer and Willie Maude Boles Palmer; obit dated December 4, 2008, regarding George David Palmer, III; the naming of Tanyard Street; a list of Northport families—Chisholm, Christian, Darden, Faucett, Morrison, Quarles, Rice, Richardson, Rose, and Shirley—who have served in elected office; bio on Richard Faucett Palmer; bio on Joshua D. and Jane Faucett Palmer and their descendants; 60th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs.  S. T. Palmer; undated Weekend History Notes on early Northport families; FHN Newsletter November 2000 Nancy Palmer develops old Roy Greene building; FHN Newsletter Summer 1998 “Things falling into place for Heritage Museum”; genealogy sheet for descendants of Joshua and Catherine Palmer.

Parker: obit dated April 10, 2007, for Thelma Ford Parker; letter from W. Claude Parker regarding Allen Whaley, a pioneer settler of Northport, a man who ran a stagecoach inn and information about other Parker family members of early Northport; genealogy sheet on Thelma Parker; funeral announcement dated October 19, 1889, for Mrs. Marion Parker; news article dated May 17, 1978, regarding Tim Parker and Parker Towing Company.

Pate: news articles regarding Stan Pate; bio on Luther Stan Pate, IV.

Patrick: floppy disc on Simmie Dee Patrick (or Partrich) and Nancy Evelyn Johnson Partrich; FHN Newsletter August 2004; news article dated February 16, 1975, on Mrs. J. R. Partrich; Partrich genealogy; news article dated April 28, 1971, regarding Glenn Partrich’s retirement after fifty years at Wiesel Company.

Patton: FHN Newsletter August 1999 regarding accidental death of Northport doctor Dr. Hamp Patton; reprint of pages 237-242 of Sandra Patton McDaniel’s book Patton, A Family History; excerpts from a book Pills, Petticoats and Plows, The Southern Country Store by Thomas D. Clark. Use in book; obit dated June 6, 1931, for George Wilson “Wick” Patton; genealogy sheet for Newton Thomas Patton; obit dated October 24, 2000, for Wilson Hamner Patton; obit dated May 3, 1979, for Mrs. Fannie Patton.

Pearson: FHN Newsletter May 2000 regarding Dr. William Gibbs Beatty Pearson (1836-1893) and Julia Penn Snow Pearson (1835-1910); obit dated June 9, 2005, for Charles Beatty Pearson; bio on the Pearson family; Pearson family reunion July 19, 1981; obit dated April 4, 1979, for Mrs. O. L. (Julia) Pearson.

Peck: news article regarding Samuel Minturn Peck, Poet Laureate of Alabama, a Tuscaloosa physician who never practiced medicine.

Pemberton family: genealogy of said family.

Perkins: bio and genealogy of Nicholas Perkins, Sr. (1641-1711).

Perteet: news article dated March 18, 2001, regarding Solomon Perteet, a free man of color in early Tuscaloosa County history.

Persinger: correspondence between Marvin Harper and Mrs. Barbara Clark of Chicago, a descendant of a slave owned by the Persinger family.

Peterson, Dr. (Colonel) Joseph: bio on said individual, principal of Tuscaloosa County High School. FHN Vol 8 page 1 contains an article on him.

Phillips: obit dated June 27, 1983, for Velma Phillips; obit dated January 20, 1991, for Althea Phillips; obit dated February 1, 1983, for Alonzo Phillips; obit dated August 30, 1996, for Inez Phillips; obit dated January 8, 1963, for Albert Ross Phillips; news article February 22, 1968, regarding Mrs. Sam Phillips.

Pinion: undated photo of James Owen Pinion and family in 1916.

Pitts: undated news article regarding Jim Pitts, Northport native playing on Auburn football team.

Pierce: news article dated July 10, 1997, regarding the moving of a ninety-one year old house from 10th Street to near the Northport train station.

Pool: news article dated October 6, 2006, regarding Frances Rice Pool, citizen of the year; news article dated August 24, 1997, regarding Colonel William Pool.

Poole: obit dated August 24, 1990, on Natalie Poole; news article dated September 14, 1975, regarding Victor Poole’s work with the Black Warrior Council of the Boy Scouts.

Porter, Thomas: Congressional Honor of Officer Thomas A. Porter.

Powell: biographical and genealogical material on the Alfred C. Powell and John C. Powell families; obit dated December 23, 1995, for James T. Powell; funeral notice dated March 10, 1872, for Amanda M. Powell; FHN Newsletter August 2002;descendants of Fred Vester “Ned” Powell; undated obit for Mattie Sue Powell Medders; undated “Weekend History Notes” regarding the Powell family; FHN Newsletter May 2000—E. A. Powell, veteran, man of honor, first lawyer.

Prewitt: FHN Newsletter February 2000; map of Township19S Range 10W—Southwest; undated “Weekend History Notes” regarding Prewitt Slave Cemetery; obit dated March 2, 2000, for Woodrow W. Prewitt: FHN Newsletter February 2000; map of Township19S Range10 West, Southwest; undated “Weekend History Notes” regarding Prewitt Slave Cemetery; obit dated March 2, 2000, for Woodrow W. Prewitt; genealogy on the Cooper family in Tuscaloosa County; undated “Weekend History Notes” regarding “Ep Sun Negro Sb”; “Weekend History Notes” dated February 6, 1972 on Pioneer Prewitt Family; undated “Weekend History Notes” on John Prewitt and his gold; FHN Newsletter August 2002—Sue Prewitt tapped for FHN 2002 Heritage Distinguished Service Award.

Prigmore, Charles: undated news article about said individual.

Pritchett, Pat: news article dated May 24, 1971, about said individual.

Pugh, Roland: news article dated December 30, 1997, regarding said individual; news article dated March 26, 1998, regarding said individual.

Puryear, John Mowery: obit dated July 13, 2007, regarding said individual.

Pushmataha: an account from Gideon Lincecum’s book and article by Chuck Gerdau.

Quarles family: FHN Newsletter 2004; news article dated September 20, 1959, regarding scrapbook collection of local news; news article dated September 16, 1964, reports on the election of J D. Quarles as Mayor of Northport; news article dated September 19, 1968, reports of Mayor Quarles’ retirement; bio on J D. Quarles, Sr.; obit dated November 8, 2004, for Wilhelmina Quarles Echols; obit for Mrs. Ida Quarles dated November 11, 1979.

Ramer, Dr. James D.: obit for said individual dated September 29, 2007.

Ramsey: news article dated January 29, 1968 ,for Mrs. Sallie Rose Robertson Ramsey; obit dated March 18, 1975, for said individual.

Randolph family: clips from 1879s newspapers regarding wedding of Ryland Randolph.

Reichold, Henry: undated photo of said individual.

Reynolds, Mrs. Nellie Dunn: obit dated March 3, 1963, for said individual, a one-time principal of Northport Elementary School.

Rice/Lowery House at 903 Main Avenue: a history of said structure; a list of birth and death dates of—Shirley, Genie Rice; Shirley, Joseph Emil; Persinger, Mary Etta (Mrs. Thomas F. Rice); Rice, Thomas Franklin; Curling, Louisa Smith (Mrs. Elias Persinger); Rice, Lula M.(Mrs. George William Christian; news article dated October 9, 1999, regarding “Birds of A Feather,” an article on hummingbirds.

Rice, Rev. William Wilbert (“Preacher Rice): bio and FHN Newsletter Vol. 10 # 2 of said individual. Also has a floppy disk of same.

Rice family: FHN Newsletter November 2001; FHN Newsletter May 2002; undated obit for Joe Rice, Sr.; numerous receipts from Rice Brothers General Merchandise; bio of Thomas Franklin Rice Family.

Rice: descendants of Thomas Rice; marriage announcement of Katie Rice to J. Rufus Clements 1885; bio on Fleetwood Rice; obit dated June 9, 2001, on Wilda Crump Rice; obit from May 1930 on Talbert A. Rice; Catherine Rice Strong Family; FHN Newsletter Spring 1998 regarding old gin properties in Northport; black and white etchings of the Joseph Rice, Sr. house; news article dated March 18, 1895, regrading the death of Mary Etta Rice; Mary Etta Persinger Rice; descendants of Washington Castle Rice

Rice, Joseph Shelton Jr.: part one and part two about said individual.

Robertson: news article dated October 10, 1971, about the family of William and Peggy Robertson, one of the first settlers to arrive in Northport circa 1816; news article dated December 3, 2003, regarding death of Edward D. “Big Ed” Robertson; obit dated October 15, 1963, for Mrs. Emma King, mother of Mrs. P. E. Robertson; news article dated April 5, 1981, on Mrs. Jean Robertson, wife of “Big Ed”; news article from the 1950s regarding Big Ed’s assault on another man; article on role Big Ed played in developing a hospital in Northport; Robertson plot in Robertson Cemetery; essay by Hayse Boyd “An old house, an old cemetery, and an old road”–the story of the Kenneth Findley and William Robertson families and the Robertson Cemetery and the Byler Road; FHN Newsletter August 2004—Robertson family name familiar in Tuscaloosa, County; death notice of Mrs. Sarah Robertson January 30, 1900

Robinson: reference to a Horseshoe Robinson. No information.

Rodes: inquiry regarding Confederate Major General Robert E. Rodes. No information.

Rodgers: news article dated August 3, 1978, regarding his love for water skiing; citizen of the year award to Mrs. Sarah Rodgers; news article November 28, 1974, showing a portrait of Dr. Rodgers; obit dated January 7, 1998, for Mrs. Sarah Haughton Rodgers.

Rose: badly tattered and worn receipts from the 1800s regarding William Rose.

Rose family: news article dated January 24, 2001, regarding the 90th birthday of Mrs. Mattie Hartin Rose; genealogy notes on Rose family; genealogy regarding descendants of Jesse Rose (1795-1861); family history by Marvin Harper; FHN Newsletter August 2000.

Roycroft family: genealogy on said family.

Rowland: news article from November 1992 regarding “bootlegging”

Rutledge: obit dated September 22, 1961, for Guy L. Rutledge.

Rushing: genealogy regarding John Gilbert (1873-1939) and Mattie Williamson Rushing (18871969); receipts held by said individuals including a sugar purchase certificate during rationing in 1942.

Rust: news article dated November 1993 regarding Bob Rust, Northport Citizen of the Year. BEGINNING WITH THE NEXT FILE, THE FILES ARE LOCATED IN DRAWER  FOURTEEN (14).

Sanders family: FHN Newsletter May 4, 2001; letter regarding Dr. Matthew Thomson, an early Northport doctor. One of his daughters married a Dr. Sanders, brother of Thomas Holmes Sanders, another Northport doctor; letter concerning Christine Sanders; news article dated July 22, 1989, regarding the Sanders Ferry and the Sanders House in Romulus; FHN Newsletter May 2001—pioneer doctor, Dr. Thomas Sanders, a Northport doctor.

Savage family: genealogy of Zubulon Savage (1779-1862) and Rebecca Cox Savage (1780-1835).

Searcy: issue 44 of Old Tuscaloosa regarding medical musings of Harvey B. Searcy, M. D.; news article of December 1, 1978, regarding author Margaret Searcy; obit dated March 2, 2008, for Joesph Alexander Searcy, Jr.; tax receipt 1916; summons to jury duty 1916; poll tax receipt 1918.

Self: funeral notice dated April 9th, 1878, for Mattie H. Self.

Sellers: 2004 Citizen of year award for Joyce Sellers.

Selman: obit dated May 13, 2006, for Emily Williamson Selman.

Shaffer: news article dated March 7, 1993, regarding museum of Mikiel and Bob Shaffer.

Shamblin: September 1984 article regarding Dr. William Grover Shamblin.

Sheffield, Howard: news article dated September 16, 1975, regarding said individual.

Shepherd: genealogy of descendants of William Newell Shepherd (1887-1971); Hiram Graves Shepherd, one-time mayor of Northport; G. Parker Shepherd (1879-1950) and Lula Pardue Shepherd (1882-1966).

Shipp, Ezra Jonah: FHN Newsletter Volume 8 # 3.

Shipp, Joseph C.: curriculum vitae for said individual; publications by said individual.

Shirley, Brooke: correspondence between said individual and Marvin Harper.

Shirley, “Watermelon”: article regarding said individual.

Simpson family:  history of the Zachariah S. Simpson family; undated notice of death of Randolph Simpson.

Sims family: matters referable to the estate of May Lanphier Sims; Bell-Sims house at 40 Bellwood.

Sloan: obit dated December 28, 2002, for Hugh Clarence Sloan.

Snow, Charles: FHN Newsletter November 2001 regarding said individual; obit for Dr. James Snow dated September 5, 1975; undated news article on Henry A. Snow, retired after forty years with the FBI; FHN Newsletter May 2000—Ghosts, catfish, and bridges (comments from Snow Letters).

Strong, Jack: authorized biography of said individual by his grandson.

Smith: order of funeral service for Gladys Smith Pruett dated June 13, 2005; funeral notice for William I. Smith dated Saturday, September 11, 1875; descendants of Rev. M. R. Smith in photo from 1920s; funeral notice for Sarah A. Smith dated April 24, 1878.

Smitherman: obit for Nancy H. Smitherman dated September 2, 2005.

Snider: obit for Richard C. Snider dated march 16, 2007; obit for Mrs. Mary Snider dated May 18, 1962; news article on Mrs. Elizabeth Caldwell Snider dated November 11, 1979, including history of early schools in Northport; obit for Mrs. Nancy Snider dated November 10, 1985; news article regarding Dr. Neil Snider, library director for the Livingston University Library; bio on Howard C. Snider; bio on Sara McDaniel Snider.

Sokol, Munny: news article about said individual dated October 24, 1975.

Spencer: Volume 1 1996 issue of The Northport Eagle; World War II Memoir WAAC and WAC by Laura McDaniel Young; bio on Rev. William Griffin McDaniel; obit for Robert Spencer, dated November 10, 1983.

Spiller: FHN Newsletter November 1999; news article dated November 21, 1995, regarding the “Ole Mill” in downtown Northport.

Sprayberry: multiple news articles regarding Dr. Luther Charles Sprayberry including obit of March 14, 2005; FHN Newsletter Vol. 7 # 2; FHN Newsletter May 2002 .

Springer family: information on William Foster Springer, Rufus Springer and connection with the Wyatt family.

Spruell/Rice House: news article dated December 13, 1998, regarding the renovation of said house—in the year 2016 it is the home of the West Alabama Heritage Learning Center.

Stanley: funeral notice for Mrs. L. T. Stanley dated October 16, 1875.

Stephens, William Lackey: obit dated February 19, 2016, for said person; news articles relating to said person’s work in preservation; presentation of the year 2000 Distinguished Heritage Service Award.

Stewart, Alice McClain: founding member of the Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society.

Stone: article on the occasion of the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. James Carlos Stone; photo of the Old Stone-Findley home made circa 1898; history of Stone Findley House; collection of unidentified Spanish American War soldiers in camp in Cuba; letter from Donn Sanford regarding Stone’s cabinet shop.

Strong: FHN newsletter August 1999 gives excellent review of gas stations in Northport (good for book); news article dated September 26, 1945, reporting the marriage of Ensign and Mrs. Jack Clay Strong; undated obit for Fred. C. Strong; February 23, 1919; news article mentioning activities of several Northport residents; Catherine Rice Strong.

Sullivan: FHN Newsletter February 2003 on Sullivan family; bio on William Harrison Sullivan; obit dated June 21, 2000, on S. Andrew Sullivan;

Sullivan undated Weekend History Notes on early Echola families, including the Sullivan, Brown, Vaughn, Cooper, and Garner families; genealogy of descendants of Russell Tomlinson Sullivant (1789-1849); a listing of members of Company G. 38th Tennessee Infantry Regiment (Tuscaloosa Plow Boys) and a map of towns in Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi in which 41st Alabama Infantry were involved; a collection of identified photos of Sullivans; FHN Newsletter November 2002 information on Julia Hughes Sullivan.

301. Sutton: invitation to the 50th wedding anniversary of Oliver and Malinda Sutton.

302.  Swann: birth announcements for Ayden Ford Holllingsworth; marriage ceremony for Lisa Dianne Gregory and Shane Ashley Hollingsworth July 17, 2004; obit for Martha Swann dated December 27, 1988; news article regarding marriage of Stephen Wayne Gregory and Sara Dianne Swann; news article dated May 19, 2002, on Patrick Swann; bio on Charles Swann; July 4, 2001 news article on Patrick Swann elected to the senate during Boys Sv                                                                                     tate; obit dated November 10, 1970, regarding Rev. J. T. Swann; obit for Martha Swann dated December 27, 1988.

303. Tarrant: undated news article regarding the death of Garland P. Tarrant.

304. Tarwater: undated obit for Dr. Thomas Sidney Tarwater; news article dated July 17, 1970, regarding Dr. and Mrs. James Sidney Tarwater.

305 A. Teer, Ellis:  bio on said individual.

305. Terry family: Tuscaloosa County Home Demonstration Year Book for 1955; proposed budget for Tuscaloosa County Farm Bureau 1955 & 1957; placemat and program booklet  for Northport Lions Club Charter Night, February 25, 1955; booklet by Dr. Robert Dane Cook, pastor of Northport Methodist Church “Integration. Is it right or wrong?”; financial report Northport Methodist Church September 1958-September 1959;  personal papers for T. R. Terry; 1954 1040 Tax report for T. R. Terry.

306. Thomas: news article dated December 11, 1972, regarding the shooting death of Tuscaloosa policeman John Thomas.

307. Thompson: info on Dr. Matthew Thompson, an early Northport doctor;  genealogy of John Thompson and David Thompson; news article dated September 14 (?), 1973, on Henrietta Thompson; genealogy on William “Billy” Thompson; photo of Lillie Boswell Smith holding an antique lap to desk that belonged to William “Billy” Thompson; family record of A. N. and Pamelia Hurd Darden; North River Thompsons; photographs of Thompson dogtrot house.

308. Tierce: FHN Newsletter August 2000; memories of Mem Tierce, II; obit dated August 20, 1976, for Frances Tierce; a book entitled 1816 A Tierce Comes to Tuscaloosa.

309. Townsend: undated photo of a Townsend family.

310. Trimmier: “Commence Day Essay” dated June 1, 1882 for Okolona Female Institute delivered by Miss Ella Trimmier. (use in book)

311 Turner: very faded copy of obit dated May 20, 1968, for George Turner; unlabeled photos; comments regarding Morgan Turner, father of George and John Turner; undated obit for Mrs. F. S. Turner.

312. Utley: FHN Newsletter November 2004; obit dated June ______1974 for George Washington Utley.

313. Van Duzor: obit dated January 13, 1981, for Allene Van Duzor.

314. Verner: news article dated July 9, 1967, regarding the three siblings—Mary, Clara, and John Verner.

315. Vial: news article dated April 9, 1976, regarding Ernest Vial.

315 A. Ware, Mrs. Louisa: undated death notice

316. Warner: obit dated February 15, 2007, for Elizabeth Butler Warner; news article dated May 4, 1973, regarding Herbert D. Warner; news articles dated October 20, 1971, and December 26, 1974, regarding Jack Warner.

317. Weaver: obit dated July 14, 2005, for Janice Reece Weaver Jones.

318. Webb: press conference July 26, 2000, regarding proposed Historic District in downtown Northport; news article dated March 14, 1999, regarding the discover of a buried jar in Steve Webb’s back yard containing 276 coins that antedate the Civil War.

318 A: Webster: genealogy of descendants of Moses Webster, revolutionary War soldier.

319. Weir: undated news article regarding George Weir, a member of the Southern Council of Industrial Editors.

320. Westbrook: obit dated December 2, 2008, for John Ray Westbrook.

321. Whatley, Maude: news article dated October 19, 1976, regarding said individual.

322. White, Sarah: news article dated June 3, 1973; the Meritorious Service Medal award to Florin W. White, Jr.; undated article on Mrs. W. M. White, age 95; article on Kittie White, age 100; several articles about Sarah White’s contributions to Northport as writer for The Tuscaloosa News; Sarah White Day June 2, 1983.

323. Whitson: obit dated March 6, 1964, for Mrs. Dan Whitson.

324. Williams: news article dated December 29, 1974, regarding the 50th wedding anniversary for Mr. and Mrs. John T. Williams.

325. Williams: obit dated May 20, 1991, for Ralph Williams.

326. WilliamsonFHN Newsletter February 2000; obit dated July 25, 2006, for Amon C. Williamson; a collection of burial notices from the Williamson family files from the 1870s, 1880s, 1890s, and March 19,1936 (Mrs. Fannie Williamson; obit dated September 6, 1957, for Rodney Lee Williamson; correspondence to Marvin Harper from Williamson family members; bio on Dempsey Williamson family and genealogy files; FHN Newsletter Vol. 5 #1; undated news article regarding Williamson Cemetery; bio on Amon Williamson dated March 16, 1977; Weekend History Notes on Early Northport families dated October 1971;  dedication of monument to Amon Williamson, Northport City Clerk; news account of the May 12, 1874, wedding of Dr. James L. Williamson and Miss Mittie Freeman; Williamson Cemetery Documentation Project, pages 89-91; Rebecca Williamson; FHN Newsletter November 2005—Williamson family Bible; FHN Newsletter November 2006—Dr. James L. Williamson.

327. Wheat: bio on Dr. James M. Wheat.

328 A. Wilson, Frank family: descendants of slave families in Samantha area.   

328. Winn, Abner: Last Will and Testament of Abner Winn and Last Will and Testament of Lucretia Winn; typed information from Winn Family Bible; descendants of Abner Winn and Lucretia (Lucinda) Posey Winn; FHN Newsletter November 2000; letter to editor December 11, 1958, regarding preservation of the Old Northport  (Robertson) Cemetery.

329. Wood:  news article dated April 12, 1978, regarding Lloyd Wood; undated obit for Mrs. Grace Wood.

330. Wright: FHN Newsletter November 2002 regarding former Tuscaloosa County Deputy Sheriff Foster Wright.

331. Wright, Circuit Judge Reuben Wright: bio of said individual.

332. Wyatt: Maurine Springer Wyatt—FHN Newsletter regarding said individual.